Game Gengo - N4 grammar overview

On the bright side, the fact that 間 and 場合 are considered grammar points reinforced the reading and meaning :joy:

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I’m surprised that not many people know about Game Gengo. I think it’s a brilliant channel, Matt is a good teacher and the presentation in his videos is top notch for me.

How cool would it be if there was a userscript that gathered words and expressions from titles covered by Game Gengo into Wanikani? Kinda like the Anime Context Sentences userscript. I guess it’s a lot of work and I would do it if I had the skills. Maybe there’s someone out there, you never know

Hi. I’m the author of that userscript. There’s Game Gengo content on Immersion Kit, which is the database the userscript queries. There also material from video games if that’s your thing - see the “Game” tab in Information - Immersion Kit.

I could add support for the games when there are more titles :slight_smile: Any suggestions what I should call the script then :sweat_smile: Anime & Game Context Sentences?


@mathewthe2 (creator of Immersion Kit), this might be of interest to you :slight_smile:

Hey thank you for the reply. Yes that would be awesome!
As I said I’m not a coder, but I can help in other ways if needed (gather material, take/edit screenshots, make lists, edit audio, etc.).

The name makes sense and it’s intuitive. Alternatively you could just call it Immersion Kit Userscript. They both work fine to me

I’m not sure how wanikani works but the game gengo grammar material is already hosted on the website. I can provide the necessary JSON files if anyone wants to do it.

As for other material by game gengo, let me know which ones so I can ask game gengo if he is happy with those materials hosted on the website as well.

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I just found it and it’s amazing!
I don’t know if Matt had plans to also put vocabulary on the website, but it would extremely useful for study purposes. Plus I’m guessing it would be easier to implement it with the API like the Anime Context Sentences userscript