Gaaaaah HATE reviews when tired!

PLEASE can there be a better way to catch READINGS typed in instead of MEANINGS??? I’m tired and I mess this up and I really don’t want to have to install a script. A warning would be nice, really!!! It’s very, very frustrating.

Eh, I get it. We all get it.

Are you trying to finish in less than a year? If so, then scripts are your answer.
If not… I just look at it as a neat way to get an extra practice in on the word/kanji.

Also, I’ve gotten better at catching the visual clue of the grey vs black bar where it says “reading” or “meaning”.


Nah, don’t care about when I finish really. It’s just frustrating when I am already tired and then I make such a simple mistake.

Just stick with it eventually you will know if its a meaning or reading naturally because of the color change. (White and Black) I dont even have to think about it anymore. You will reach that point too.

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I know what you mean :sob:

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Is it not pretty clear when you type you instantly see romaji is coming out and it is not converting into kana?

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Doing reviews when tired is awful. I tend to forget the simplest things…


I‘m always tired when I do my reviews, comes with kids and family.

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