Furigana for example sentences

So as many of you know the example sentences for vocabs are most of the times way to hard to read because of yet unlearnd kanji. Also some just dont use kanji for words so its really inconsistent, and also hard to read because you dont know where the word starts and ends. Anyways, I wanted to know if there is any plugin that adds furigana so i can start using the examples sentences without using google to help me understand.
It would be so helpful if anyone could tell me if there was a plugin like that.

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I’d highly recommend installing two things:

The latter is better than furigana over everything as you only see the definition when you hover your mouse over an individual term (hiragana, usage frequency, and dictionary definitions). It only works with Chrome but is so useful that I won’t use any other browser on any Japanese sites. You will need to install at least one dictionary. Search this community for plenty of nifty addons.

The context sentences are good reading practice. They are often silly or weird, but they usually give you a reasonable sense of how a vocabulary term is used.

I’m not sure where I found all these, but here are the dictionaries I’ve installed with Yomichan:


Thank you so much this helps alot.

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Clearly. You changed levels before and after! <laugh>

Ive been level 13 for 2 days now, so i dont know why it showed level 12 to you at first, but it is a funny coincides after all :smile:

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