Add transcription to context sentences in vacabulary

Sometimes it’s difficult to read sentences in context section of vocabulary lesson. Sometimes it has some unknown kanji or the kanji that you might already know but i may use another reading. So i think that having a transcription for sentences or at least furigana above those kanji to be sure that you are reading it right would be nice.


Hello hello, welcome!

It would be great if the right balance can be found when it comes to context sentences, but in the meantime there is a userscript that can help add furigana:


thanks. i’ll check that out.

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on firefox, Furiganaize is also an option in extensions that add furigana to kanji in webpages. can turn it on and off at will like 10ten(formerly rikaichan)

big thanks. It’s working!
UPD: It glitches so the last kanji that you were learning will remain everywhere in the lessons and quizes.

i’ve not used it in that setting, might turn it off before going to next lesson/screen etc then turning it back on

When i turn it on it glitches, and glitch won’t go away until i reload the page.

are you just wanting it for context sentences? it may be less buggy on the page for the vocab/kanji rather than inside the lessons since that’s a different non-static setting

another option is 10ten, that’s more pulling from dictionary and when you hover over kanji it’ll pull up a popup showing kana pronunciation/definition

yeah, thanks. it works now, no glitches so far.

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I would also recommend this script which I’ve used for a long time (install it from first post, then manually update it with the modified script in the link).

It shows kanji you haven’t learned yet in a different colour. You can hover the mouse over kanji to get reading info. It also uses browser or Google Translate text-to-speech to read the sentences aloud if you prefer that. I found the Chrome TTS is quite good and sounds most natural.

It’s looking at the kanji you don’t know from the api, and they will only be marked as known, once you complete the quiz with them. I figured, having just learned the vocab itself, people probably won’t mind seeing the reading alongside the vocab, but I might update it later.

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