Fun with custom mnemonics

I was feeling a bit cheeky with my kanji lessons today and came up with some comedic mnemonics, one of which I’ll post here. I’m curious to see what kind of custom mnemonics the community comes up with, so please, share away!

And another one!

And the final one for today, for those who know the bitconnect meme!


I feel like there’s definitely some flex in using vocabulary that you’ll learn after the kanji as a mnemonic for the kanji…


Hahah well denwa is listed in the “vocabulary examples” after all :smiley:
I do use vocabulary to remember kanji readings sometimes though, it’s quite nice when that happens!

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I’m sure you know, but the vocabulary listed under a kanji is all the vocabulary that WaniKani is going to teach you down the road. Either way, if it helps reinforce the kanji reading because you’re familiar with vocabulary, then that’s a good thing ^-^

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Yes, it sure is! Do you have any custom mnemonics you’d like to share? I’ll have my next review in half an hour and then I’ll post some of my other ones on here xD

Alas, the only place I use custom mnemonics is on Kitsun if I’m adding items that aren’t in WaniKani ^-^

looking forward to your mnemonic for 速度

When you step with your そくs into どugh, that will be detrimental to your speed?

I’ll see myself out… :grin:

sadness… someone doesn’t watch top gear :wink:

I did watch it occasionally, but I’m not a TV/movie person tbh… :flushed:



Another fun mnemonic, this one is for those who like One Piece!

Edit: And see the main post for another :slight_smile:

I have so many weird ones. None are coming to mind right now since I’ve just finished my reviews. I’ll keep you posted. :sweat_smile:

i don’t actually write any of my costum mnemonics down, but i do have plenty of them :smiley:

however, many of them are vulgar or violent to a degree that i don’t really want to talk about them.

a strange series of personal mnemonics involve waving my arms around and performing some kind of action. as a recent example for 放つ (to fire, as in firing an arrow from a bow) i perform arm-movements as if pulling a bow and releasing the arrow. this doesn’t actually have any connection to the sound of the word, but it somehow works. ^^


Some of mine are downright pornographic… :sweat_smile:


Unfortunate most of mine are in a different language. :wink:

For example, my mnemonic for hill (おか) is a hill sized serving of oka:



Kitsun io worth using ? :stuck_out_tongue:


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Nice, lol. Mine tend to be on the simpler side, with some exceptions. I’ll share a couple of the more recent ones.

I personally think so, yes, it’s a very well designed site with a lot of customisation. Compared to Anki where you have to do much of the work yourself, the built in dictionaries have a ‘make a card’ button so you can easily add any kanji or vocab, it has subtitle and text scraping to make decks automatically, and there are loads of community decks for things like Genki.

Whether or not it’s worth the subscription costs is entirely up to your own preferences. They have a 14 day trial if you want to try it out. Unlike WaniKani, it’s most Japanese specific, they have Koran, Russian, etc. stuff on there, though it was made by a WaniKani completer, so there’s a lot of love for Japanese in there.

I personally find some of the more interactive decks great, like the Japanese Prefectures deck:

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