Fun with custom mnemonics

I have trouble remembering whether 大 is たい or だい. So, I use custom mnemonics to remember that.

大切: What item of clothes is the most important? Obviously the tie. Having shirts and pants and stuff is nice, but you need a tie to make a good impression.
大学: College is known for being painful, so you could call going to college the “die-study”
大気: You use your superpowers to change the atmosphere, so a tie made out of clouds forms around your neck.
大作: After your epic play is performed, you step out on the stage for praise. However, the first thing you hear is someone shouting ‘Your tie sucks!’ Feel the shock at how rude this heckler is. Feel astonished that they didn’t pay attention to your play.
大会: It’s a tie convention, followed by a tie tournament. How nice does your tie look? How well does it match your suit? How fast can you tie it, and with how little complexity of the knot? This is what you must improve in yourself, to win the tie tournament.
大体: Meaning-The General got to become General generally because he is imposing, he has a BIG BODY. Reading: The General runs up to an enemy, and shouts in his face: ”だい”, and then たいs the enemy in knots.

And then the reading mnemonic for 象 describes how all elephants become zombies after they die, and the しょうぐん keeps it hushed up. So I wrote a whole ******* SCP file about it. Not easy to fit a workable SCP file in the character limit.

JSDF Phenomena File 3804-Elephantの死.
策略: The shogun has decreed that the corpses must be acquired and thrown in a guarded pit.
説明: JSDF-3804 is the genus Loxodonta. 10 hours after the death of any being in this genus (3804 instances), it will become a zombie. Upon going for over 72 hours without meat, it will grow angry and display great strength. After 144 hours without meat, it will become 最も 怠い. The 骸骨 of ”3804-1がたべた”人 will be drawn towards other such bones, forming into a 3804-1 skeleton.
EDIT: Also, while I haven’t got there yet, I use NGE to remember 怒り.
Who do you not want to meet when he’s angry? Gendo -Ikari-. That guy’s terrifying when he’s calm, and when he’s full of -wrath- he must be even worse.