Favourite Custom Mnemonics?

Most of the WaniKani mnemonics are beautiful, IMO, and they really work well for sticking with you. Sometimes though, my brain makes an association that isn’t listed, which ties it (reading or meaning) together far better personally.

Does anyone else tend to do this, and do you have any favourites?

My definite favourite was the on’yomi for 写 (しゃ) - it matched up with the on’yomi for 車(しゃ), and all of a sudden my brain went “YOU WOULDN’T COPY A CAR!” a la “you wouldn’t download a car” anti-piracy commercials.


My personal favourite that I made was for tomorrow (明日, あした). The mnemonic for it was Ash tacos, but that didn’t reall do it for me. Since i’m a procrastinator, I remember it as, "ah sh*t, I’ll do it Tomorrow

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The word 悪い sounds almost identical to “steal” in Russian (warui — воруй). It was extremely easy to remember it like “if you’re a bad person, steal and kill” :smile:

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Hah, that’s close to how I remember the difference between 大した and 大いに - I’ve had a weirdly hard time parsing them, but as soon as I thought “oh, sh*t is important and the other one is very,” my brain locked in on it, even better than just “did big.”

That’s a really good one though, I might have to borrow it!

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False cognates to the rescue! That’s super cool.

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