Fukuoka reading club・Looking for people in Fukuoka

Yea, me too. I’m gonna be around 10-15 min late, sorry!

@Suzy-du-Nord @novideotape @Aethereas

I get a table, just order when you arrive. Just it’s tricky. It’s under construction so the Seattle best coffee is next to the subway (chain restaurant)


This was a good idea. Sorry for responding late. This sort of thing could work for me at some point, especially because on Saturdays I work not too far from that area. But there might not be much overlap time, as I’m often trying to get back home to my family around then… hope y’all were able to connect.

If you haven’t been there, I highly recommend the Junkudo bookstore near there.

Hello, everyone! I’ve finally made it to Fukuoka! :tada: :tada: :tada:
How has everything been going? Was everyone able to meet up and stuff?


Oh hey! Congrats :smiling_face: How are you finding it so far?

As for the meetings, yep! We’ve met a few times since November, you’re also very welcome to join if you have time on Sunday mornings (we’re doing a short story collection for the next time!) :slightly_smiling_face:

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Enjoying it quite a bit! :smiley: It’s nice not being sardined in-between people like in Tokyo. lol

Awesome! I know I missed this past Sunday, but I’ll be there for this upcoming one!

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Yeah I get that! Fukuoka is like a breath of fresh air after Tokyo (maybe even not so figuratively speaking lmao)

We’re planning on meeting 4 weeks from now, on 18th of February. If you wanna get together before that just to meet up and all, maybe some other folks would be up to it too :slight_smile: Anyway, do you have a line account? I can add you to the chat!

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Yep yep! Will leave this up until I see you’ve added me!