Free Japanese Textbook Until May 31st

Cambridge University Press is offering free online access to some of their textbooks until May 31st, 2020, for the coronavirus outbreak. One of their free resources is “An Introduction to Modern Japanese” by Richard John Bowring, which I haven’t used but have heard good things about. Here’s the link to book:

Also, the link to the search if you want to look at all the free books (775 books in total, with many more individual chapters available):


Looks like it’s already been hugged to death already.


Damn the site is working of making free access an option again! I’ll definitely check back later though!

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Still hugged to death lol

Hope it’s back up soon, I would love to have a textbook to read :smiley:

Terrible though everything is, it’s been very heartening seeing all sorts of initiatives like this springing up in the last few weeks :blush:
If you’re interested in that book (and are currently at a non-profit 2 or 4 year uni in the US) you can get it here. Just register with your school email and you’ll be set.

Here’s the specific link to that book (it will require you to log in):

As an addendum, the Japan Society in London is releasing learning resources free, the’ve already started posting books 1 and 2 on their site with more to follow in mid-April:


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