Any one got any Japanese Learning Resources in PDF format?

I wanted to make this post for people who don’t have a lot of cash to spend so that if someone has some books in a PDF format they could post it

Tofugu offers some material in pdf format. Translation exercices and grammar for example

Just so that everyone is aware: it’s not allowed to distribute paid-for material via the forum. So as long as everyone keeps things within the rules, the mods won’t shut this down. ^^


Tae Kim provides a PDF version


And that’s why I didn’t say in any way that this thread is a no-no. ^^ Just reminding people of the rules so they don’t end up banned just because they might never have checked the forum rules when they joined.

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sorry about that, :sweat_smile: didn’t know it was against the WaniKani rules

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It’s no problem. :slight_smile: There are free resources as well, though often less plentiful. As @plantron said, Tae Kim offers pdf stuff. I believe 80 / 20 Japanese had a free pdf pic about word order in a JP sentence. And I believe Nihon Shock has one of their posters of basic grammar available for free?

I’d check myself and link to things, but I don’t have time for that at the moment.


And there is free stuff in the Ultimate Additional Resources Guide thread as well.


thanks for the replies

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If it qualifies as a Japanese learning resource I have a PDF of G. B. Sansom’s An Historical Grammar of Japanese which I believe is legally available for free.

Probably not helpful if you’re using WK, but here:

Heisig. Remembering the Kanji 1: first 118 pages (click on “Download a sample of the contents”)

It’s free because it’s so old that it’s become public domain. :stuck_out_tongue: If you’re interested, it’s here:

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This is quite handy and free.
Cheat sheet for basic japanese.

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