Kadokawa has 200+ titles free till 5th of April

So… I received the notification yesterday and I came here to find people excited about it and also some book suggestions but found no post…Yet!!!

Kadokawa Tsubasa Bunko and Kadokawa Manga Gakushuu editions are offering more than 200 titles completely free on the internet, following the one month closing of schools in Japan because of the COVID-19.

The offer started on the 2nd of March and will last till April the 5th. It includes manga series and light novel series and even some of the Nihon no Rekishi manga series.

You don’t have to sign in or anything, just go to Yomeruba and check the list and pick what you want to read. It opens in a bookwalker reader format and it works on laptops and mobiles as well (at least at my android it works fine and it makes for a great commuter pasttime). I checked and all the titles listed are full free editions and they don’t seem to have a limit to how many times you’re gonna click on them.

I’m still trying to decide where to start from, going to read as many as possible in a month! I’m really drawn by the educational series, can’t say no to dinosaur manga :sweat_smile:

Any suggestions are welcome!

PS-We can even turn this into a challenge…


Thanks for pointing out.

I like the look of the 日本の歴史 series.


Nice! Thanks for sharing! I’ll probably be taking a bit of a break from book clubs and use this opportunity to tadoku some of these books, if I find one that holds my attention.

I’m liking the look of 怪盗レッド but I’m a bit wary of being sucked into a 15 volume monster. :sweat_smile: So I might go for a single volume story instead… Choices to be made not today. :smiley:


Oh, perfect! The first one covers the 縄文時代.


I started on the kotowaza manga!

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