Forum Question: "Don't jump to your post" when posting option gone from preferences?

The title basically says it. There used to be an option to not jump to the end of a thread (and the post you just posted) when making a post, but to stay where you were reading in our user settings/preferences.

Am I blind and it’s been moved to some obscure place but is still an option, or has that option been removed?

When looking at very long threads, it’s quite annoying to lose my place!

Many thanks, all of you!

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This feature was removed. They are discussing alternate approaches here:


No answer but a workaround, but you can go back to the post that you replied to by clicking on the arrow next to your post.

Yeah… That’s true. It makes everything in the thread “read” though if I leave and come back.

@seanblue Thanks for finding that. I’ll have a read.

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So the short answer is a) The lead dev/co-founder really doesn’t want to do anything about it. b) a new type of reply button might happen, and c) if it does, it won’t happen for at least six months.

Thanks, Discourse.

Seriously, this platform seems just worse and worse for how our community operates (or would like to operate).


I agree. Loved having the “don’t jump to my reply” option, especially in the POLL thread, so as to make a reply without losing my place.

Another thing, it would be great to have the Discourse bot (@WaniMekani) separate from private messages, as I know we used to have the dice rolling game, and even now the mods can still make PMs (I think). That would be fantastic to have.
tagging @jomaxro (discourse staffer) in hopes someone up there listens to us

Yep. The main co-founder has a really narrow view of what Discourse should be used for, and if you want to use it for something else his general response is “get the f--- out”.

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Yup, that’s what he said at least twice. If it were up to me I’d move WK forums again, but it isn’t.


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