Change forum suppress_reply_when_quoting setting

Hey @Mods, can you change the forum site setting suppress_reply_when_quoting back to the default value of true? We messed with the site settings a bit back when first moving to Discourse, but I think we’d be better served by going back to the default on this one. The description of the setting is:

Don’t show the expandable in-reply-to on a post when post quotes reply.

The “in-reply-to” thing is referring to this:

Basically, when you reply to someone, that is shown so you can easily get to the post being replied to. But when you are quoting someone you already have a way back to that post via the quote. Also, sometimes you’re quoting multiple people, but in many cases the first person you quoted would be set to the “in-reply-to” post even though in all likelihood that post isn’t more important than any of the other ones also being quoted in the reply. Turning this setting back to the default value to true will remove the “in-reply-to” part when it is the same post you are already quoting, removing this redundancy and saving people (or at least me) from having to do this manually.


This is really annoying, especially when you’re the one being quoted! You get a notification that someone replied to your post, but they actually replied to like 10 different people and you have to scroll through all the quotes to find where they quoted you


This would be a great quality of life improvement.

But… the alternative is you get a notification that you were quoted and you still have to look through the post to find the part where someone replied to you

Not sure how beneficial this change would be, but honestly, I‘m completely indifferent about what the setting is


:thinking: Good point, I guess I just dislike it anyway.

At the very least, getting two notifications is kinda redundant


Hey there!

Thanks for letting us know about this, we’ll discuss with the team and let you know what we do.


Just to make sure I’m understanding this right, if I change the setting and click on the box to ‘don’t show the expandable in-reply-to on a post when post quotes reply’, the top right link back to the person someone quoted will be removed?


Yes. That will be removed, but only when that person was also quoted.


Thanks. I changed the settings…let me know if you see any issues with it.


Consider this a test!

It worked, thanks!


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