Forum level not updating


Hello all!

Ok, this is a bit of a silly question, but my level in the forum profile isn’t updating to level 10, which is currently my level in Wanikani. Is there anything I can do to update it?

I mean… I WORKED FOR IT :smile:


Sign out and back in.


That was similar to turn it off and on again!
Thx for the tip :smiley:


I’d forgotten how to fix it until @gojarappe reminded me, so she’s the one that deserves the credit really.





What level am I? 31? Nope. The truth is a secret :shushing_face:


A not very well-kept secret. :stuck_out_tongue:




It was either @Belthazar or me who checked your profile. :wink: Are you going to call me a cheater too??