What This Forum Needs to Be

This forum should actually be a user-editable, commenting enabled, wiki.   It’s too hard to find info and the ratio of outdated info to pertinent info is very high.   This is a problem that gets worse over time, not better, in a forum format.

What info would you be looking for?
[edit] just realized. My brain doesn’t work at late o’clock. Yea. An index of the third-party apps would be nice. Maybe if the apps could be stickied or something, you wouldn’t need a wiki.

There is such an index thread already floating around in this subforum. It would be nice if it was stickied.

Couldn’t agree more.   It should be stickied.

It also seems like it should’ve been updated at SOME point in the last two months.   And therein lies (part of the) problem.