Forgot to turn Vacation Mode on... for nearly 2 years

So I’ve had a few starts and stops since joining Wanikani a good few years ago, but everytime I remembered to put vacation mode on first… except for last time.

My poor level-up average is going to be destroyed as soon as I level up :sob:

I didn’t want to restart again, so I returned to over 1500 reviews… and over 3 days I’ve managed to clear the pile. Luckily I still remembered a good amount, so I was able to burn 440 of them. But never again!


Doubt that vacation mode would help that much when the vacation was two years, that is probably the bright side of it.


Welcome back!

Don’t worry about your level up average. Wkstats looks at the mode (your typical level up time) rather than a straight mathematical average.

I have 1383 days on level 9 when I stopped 4 years ago (no vacation mode too), but wkstats says my typical level up is 7 days.

My error rate is what took a big hit when I came back to the review pile last year. But amassing all those errors was probably the best thing for me. I originally was a little too worried about making mistakes and I hated seeing that error rate go up. Now I embrace the errors since it just shows me what I need to focus on.

Regardless, at the end of it all, stats don’t mean 幺.


This has actually made me feel much better about it all and I had a good laugh :joy:


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Also, you can click on a level on the Level-Up chart to exclude it from your level-up calculation.




That’s a hell of a vacation! Hope you enjoyed. And well done on tackling the mountain!


True! I was mostly sad about the stats and alarmed at the review pile up aha

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Game changer!! Thank you!

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I’m definitely a lot different than 2020 me! Thank you :smiley:

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Now you can have the goal of “How low can I bring my average time per level before I hit level 60” :eyes: sounds pretty fun to me, and a unique challenge to you.

Tsurukame still doesn’t understand…