Effect of vacation mode on estimated level up time?

Just wondering if there is any connection between the estimated level up time and vacation mode?

My progress chart says I’m currently averaging around 10 days per level. If I activated vacation mode for, say, a month, would that affect my estimated average time per level?

I realise that if I’m on level 7 when I turn on vacation mode, I’ll still be on level 7 when I deactivate it, and in reality I will have spent about 6 weeks at that level, even though I might only spend 10 days WKing. (Well, maybe a bit longer if I’ve forgotten things.)

I’m just interested in whether the estimate calculator “knows” I’m on vacation?!

Hope this makes sense…


Not sure, however a month is 4 weeks not 6 :stuck_out_tongue: and the basis of wanikani is SRS so vacation mode does put you out of the loop a bit, best to avoid as much as possible imho

If you mean on rfindley’s Stats site, the answer is YES… But you can cancel out a level in the graph by clicking on it, and then it will be ignored for the average and estimated times! : D

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@rfindley said that since the WK API does not give information about vacation mode, the time you spend in vacation still counts towards your level duration.

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As @plantron says, there’s nothing that can be done about it.

But, you can click on that level (after you move on to the next level), and it will be excluded from the estimate calculations.

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In my reference to 6 weeks I meant the month PLUS the couple of weeks I actually spend on a level…

AnimeCanuck, plantron, and rfindley: Many, many thanks. You’ve explained it well. Cheers.

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