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This thread is about the bonus material that was released after Volume 12.

The following extra stories were published after volume 12 and before volume 13:

  • 融解: This story is found in a pre-order pamphlet for volume 12.
  • 再会: : This story is found in a pre-order booklet for volume 12.
Which of the bonus materials have you read?
  • 融解
  • 再会
  • None so far

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When discussing the short story(s) for each volume, let’s figure out:

  • When in the books’ timeline this short story takes place, and
  • When a new reader should read the short story for best “timeline flow” (i.e., after which volume and/or chapter.)

I’m linking the download files in the home post now; figured it might be a bit cleaner. Uploading this story a bit early since @ekg and @NicoleIsEnough have read a bit of vol. 12; two of this book’s 外伝 are pre-order bonus stories, so they can likely be read before volume 12 technically. I don’t think I saw any ネタバレ warnings on either, though I’d need to double-check to be sure.

Might be a bit before I get 再会 uploaded, but 融解 was short.


Read 融解 real quick this morning. Short and sweet: Vicente POV while Kaito’s at El Escorial, the standard vol 9 between chapters 8 and 9 timeline-wise; it’s just him and Kaito hanging out before one of Kaito’s questioning sessions by the king.

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Finished 再会 this morning. I had actually read the first half at the beginning of this month but had to put it down so I could progress further in volume 12. It’s Nigel’s POV from vol 11 ch 10 to vol 12 ch 2, so basically his reunion with Kaito. We get to hang out with Luca a little bit more, and Nigel reaffirms to himself how hard he’s going to have to work to earn Kaito’s favor away from Geoffrey. It’s a nice story that adds a nice extra dimension to those chapters above; I’m particularly happy that this was a pre-order bonus, so it’s more easily accessible to the F&B public. From that perspective, it’s also the first time we get a Nigel POV in the main series for those who don’t follow along with the extras; I wonder how many were surprised about how deep Nigel’s feelings are?

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再会’s scans are up after about an eternity for any who’ve been waiting on them. :hibiscus:

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