"Flesh&Blood" - Bonus Material for Vol. 10 🏴‍☠ ⛵

Started and finished 幸福 since it was short. Wow, now that was a really good short story!

It’s from Nigel’s POV, set during Kaito’s time at the Queen’s palace. Man, I remember thinking how rushed his time at the palace felt; we’ve gotten a nice number of stories set then. I’d love to see some of these integrated in the main books! Anyway, same timeline guess as 決意: volume 4, somewhere in between chapters 5 and 12.

Pretty much right off the bat we get a little more insight into Geoffrey’s family, the Rockfords. I actually remember this was touched upon in 誓い, the first F&B doujin, the one with just the one story dedicated to Nigel: Nigel’s from a commoner family, but the Rockfords were actually a step above on the social ladder. At least, that is, until Mary’s reign, when Geoffrey’s father, I believe, was executed for heresy. Apparently Geoffrey’s wealthy enough to buy his way back into status, but hasn’t done so. He does have a family crest and motto, however (which I was thinking was the prerequisite for status in this case; maybe I misread?), the motto being taken from one of Petronius’ works:

Quid faciant leges ubi sola pecunia regnat
Roughly translated as: What good are the laws where money alone is king?

I think this story may actually be set after 決意, thinking about it; Kaito asks about the books that Nigel’s bought since coming to London, and he was buying books then, at least. They fall into a discussion about the Knights of the Round Table and who their favorites are. Kaito answers Gawain, as expected (since this actually comes up in a later main volume), while Nigel answers that his is Galahad. (Who is Geoffrey’s star sign favorite, I wonder?)

I wasn’t that familiar with Galahad before, but glancing through his Wikipedia page, he’s illegitimate? Very fitting choice in that case, then, “and is renowned for his gallantry and purity as the most perfect of all knights”. :kissing_closed_eyes:

Nigel promises to buy Kaito a new towel to use, but comes back the next day to find out Geoffrey’s already stolen Kaito to go shopping. :< But this is all setup for an incredibly sweet scene between the two where Kaito says he was waiting on Nigel’s gift of the towel. :heart:

Maaan, this was such a good story. :face_holding_back_tears: So much goodness is so few pages. One thing Nigel mentions in passing here that he’s brought up a couple of times in other stories from his POV that I haven’t discussed but thought was interesting: in addition to all of his other hangups related to his feelings for Kaito, one that I’m wondering if it’ll be brought up later in the main series is how he apparently feels that his love for Kaito is “dirty”. He hasn’t really elucidated up to this point afaik, but I’m wondering if it’s the gay aspect of it all. Nigel doesn’t seem to have had any prior gay relationships, so I could see this being a blocker for him as compared to Geoffrey.

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