Flesh & Blood ~ Drama CD 2 Dissussion Thread ⛵ 🎧

Welcome to the Flesh & Blood BLCD 2 ~ Discussion thread :headphones:

Kaito Togo: Jun Fukuyama
Jeoffrey Rockford: Junichi Suwabe
Nigel Graham: Katsuyuki Konishi
Vincente de Santillana: Tooru Ookawa
Rufus Berett: Masami Iwasaki
Ewan: Kouichi Kuriyama
Hugh: Ryou Sugisaki
Marcy: Kenichi Mine

Content warning: 18+
This is an 18+ series aimed at adults, so be advised that this series might not be suitable for all listeners. It’s also a BL (Boy’s Love) series.

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CD Script

Need a script? Check here!

General listening tips

Use headphones! :headphones: And turn the sound up a bit. It helps!

Got stuck on strange historical or nautical terminology? Fret not! Check out the extensive Nautical Terminology (found in the Book club main thread). Also, check out the respective book club discussion threads for help with recognizing historical people, places and events that get name dropped in this series. They can be found in the OP post of each respective Book Club Discussion thread. Link to the Volume 2 discussion thread

(beware that these encyclopedias contain some spoilers by necessity)

Are you listening with us? :high_touch:

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Vocab list

Flesh and Blood ~ Character Book

Main Characters (minor spoilers)


Booklet (minor spoiler)


Discussion Guidelines

Discuss anything you want, be it language questions, about the plot and characters or what you think about this series. As always, be mindful of the forum rules in general. :slight_smile:

For spoilers or current weeks tracks, please use spoiler tags. Either use the hide details or blur spoiler. Both can be found under the cogwheel. :gear:

Track Scene Time week
1 Prologue 4:43 1
2 Scene 1 5:03 1
3 Scene 2 11:19 1
4 Scene 3 11:05 2
5 Scene 4 12:17 2
6 Scene 5 10:56 3
7 Scene 6 14:31 3
8 Epilogue 5:12 3

This is a pretty short CD, so we’ll be done with it within a month. XD It’s roughly 20 mins per week I’m going for, with the exception of the last week that also got the epilogue. Might as well just it all, rather than break that up more. ^^


Woooop! Tomorrow we start in on CD 2! :partying_face: Looking forward to hearing about Kaito’s new life onboard! :sailboat:


Whew, how time flies. You going to be able to join, @NicoleIsEnough? Did your CDs come in?


Yass! :grin: :tada:

Sorry I forgot to report here, I’m a bit crazy busy and should avoid the forums altogether right now :persevere: but I listened to the first part of Vol. 1 already and it’s :heart_eyes_cat:


Glad to hear it! This is how I first fell in love with this series, and I’m just glad others are now starting to understand how grand in scale audio-only media can actually be! ^>^ (it’s totally not a thing in Sweden where I come from after all! ^^)


Something I noticed back when reading vol 1 of F&B was the image of Jeoffrey in the hat, also in the booklet art for Drama CD 2. It just looks modern and super out of place. So, I decided to get googling and doing a bit of hat discourse! :joy:

Turns out, the most popular style of hat for fashionable men like Jeoffrey would have been a Cavallier hat. They’re felt so pretty soft and not very sharp in the lines.

Like this painting of Cavaliers under king Charles I (read more here: Cavalier hat - Wikipedia)

Just in general, this illustrator hasn’t really done much research into how clothes looked like in the 16th century. They’re going for a generic, fantasy look as far as I can tell. When they change illustrators on CD 4, it’s a huge difference!


Ok. Enough about hats and clothes! XD

Track 1, Prologue thoughts

Kaito is off to a rough start of his new life as cabin boy on Gloria. a storm is brewing outside and he’s already got full on sea sickness. :nauseated_face: Nigel’s suspicions about him being a Spanish spy, isn’t helping him settle in either. He’s feeling pretty pitiful about his own situation for sure. ^^;

Track 2, Scene 1 content warning - explicit violence
Kaito wakes up to a ruckus outside. Kaito decides to take a look outside where the storm has worsened and Gloria is forced to take measures not to go down, such as ditching one of the sails. Stepping outside, he’s immediately confronted by Nigel, grilling him on what he’s doing on deck, full of suspicions! >:C

Then lightning strikes one of the masts, which breaks and someone falls from the top, crushing his leg. Now the harsh realities of life onboard dawns on Kaito as he learn that they intend to have the ship wright cut off the leg, as they don’t have a doctor onboard, and leg injuries that bad really can’t be treated. :grimacing:

I’m just going to out and say it: listening to this part is pretty harsh and it’s quite understandable if you don’t want to. :grimacing: Since I have listened to this once before, that was plenty! >_<

Basically, since the crew are all busy handling the ship during the storm, there really aren’t enough people to help out with this, so Ewan comes to fetch Kaito to hold down Jim as they saw off the leg. I’d be terrified, ngl. But, somehow, Kaito manage to do what’s needed at least.

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Track 3, scene 2 ~ thoughts

Well, the storm has ceased and they’re now trying to do repairs. But you can only do so much out at sea, so Jeoffrey realize they’ll need to find a port to get materials etc. Consulting Nigel about it, as they’re close to France, they decide to head to La Rochelle. La Rochelle - Wikipedia

Turns out Nigel is down with a fever though :face_with_thermometer: so he won’t be able to help Jeoffrey buy supplies, being the only one onboard speaking French. Kaito, returns to the captain’s cabin just then. It’s pretty funny to listen the exchange between Nigel and Kaito mother-hen-ing him for a bit and Nigel feeling incredibly put upon by that. :joy: In any case, Kaito offers to help out since he knows a bit of French. Prepare for Frenchese! XD Jun Fukuyama does his best, which still ends up pretty poorly, speaking some French phrases to prove to Nigel that he’ll be able to order the supplies. XD

Well, it’s decided that Kaito will be accompanying Jeoffrey as his translator, prepare for some time alone for these two! ^>^

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@ekg I’m uploading the scripts for CD 2 here, as well as all the other scripts I have. Could you edit the home post to include the link? Maybe for this thread, the main thread, and the 番外編 thread? I figured it would be easier to find them there.

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I’ll make the OP a wiki in a second! <3 thanks for helping out!

I totally forgot about the transcripts! Just make your own subheading and put them there! ^^

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Will do, thanks!

Okay, added a link to the scripts in the home post! Could you make the other home posts wikis as well, @ekg?

And I listened to this week’s listening (tracks 1-3) on Saturday! I’m planning on going through it all again with the script, hopefully today or tomorrow, and then maybe one more time without if time allows later this week. Listening’s so fast, though; it feels like we cover in 20 minutes what it took a week or two to cover in the book. (I shouldn’t say ‘feels like’; it definitely does.) I was catching snatches of sentences the first time through, which wasn’t too bad.

Lol, I forgot about that hat. Vicente’s is burned into my mind, at least; it’s that hat but with a way wider brim. And thanks for the link! Will do some reading~

I was curious how good Fukuyama’s French is here, not speaking it myself. The first bits sounded okay to my ear, when Nigel’s testing him with a few phrases, but when Kaito has to talk to the pilot at La Rochelle and explain their situation, I could hear the strain in his voice. XD

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Your wish is my command! :bowing_woman: <3

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Haven’t listened to this week’s part yet, but judging from the first volume, there is much much less information being conveyed in the drama CDs than in the book, so it is definitely much less stuff and thus is of course faster! But the message comes across, so I’m happy to have the two side-by-side.


For sure. As with any adoption into another medium, the way the story is presented can change drastically.

It’s only really books what is heavy on exposition, explanation and such.

As soon as you adopt a book into a tv-series, movie, theatre production, or a drama CD, you drop most of the “fact telling” and instead focus on the immersive aspects of the narrative.

You can use narration for some of this stuff, but there’s a reason reliance on narration is seldom successful in movies - it’s dry and takes you out of the here and now of acting and the flow of the story. it’s the same thing here. :slight_smile:


Oh yes, for sure!

And tbh it’s the same in books as well :grin:


Yeah, there’s a reason some people don’t like Tolkien! :joy:

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