Flesh & Blood ~ Drama CD 2 Dissussion Thread ⛵ 🎧

Track 4, scene 3!

So, Kaito convince the port authorities in charge with quarantining ships in their bay, that at least him and Jeoffrey should be allowed to enter the town, though the rest of the crew have to stay onboard. the bad water is doing a number on them! :C There’s some fun conversation here between Jeoffrey and Kaito and some flirting on Jeoffreys part as they make their way toward the pier! :grin:

They’re not alone in entering the port, but a Flandern ship also makes its way into the harbor, bringing up the complex relationships port towns like La Rochelle had with all fighting countries, basically making business with all of them. (not sure why Kaito is chocked by this news, as I’d have assume that as normal ^^; Am I spotting the Japanese isolation mentality? Dunno?) I think his inferiority complex is also highly Japanese. While I’m sure this idea exists elsewhere, it’s defo a post WWII thing to talk about “muda meshi” = a human that doesn’t help toward the household. If you don’t understand what I mean by that, try watching Grave of the Fireflies and you’ll be shown just how cruel and destitute life was in post-war Japan and how it’s affected Japanese culture as a collective trauma really, and yeah, people that didn’t work literally didn’t get to eat! :cry.

Once ashore, they make their way to the markets. i just love how lively they make this place. You can literally smell the foods and feel the buzz of food stands. Jeoffrey is immediately very accommodating to Kaito’s needs and wishes, not just for delicious looking food but also allowing him to sleep on the one bed at the inn that they find for the night :eyes: All the while keeping his hands to himself! :rofl: And Kaito becoming aware that he’s a bit jealous of Cyril! :joy: Keep on tormenting each other! XD

Well, after that, we’re transported to somewhere outside of La Rochelle where Vincente is still thinking about bringing Kaito back to Spain after he got his orders from Philip II in BLCD 1. Vincente’s is regreting how things went down upon the Hoe with him attacking Kaito. We also get to meet Leo, Vincente’s young knight in training. ^>^ I’m a bit unsure about his position, but he’s doing butleresque duties, while also being someone that’s battle-ready to save his master. Anyway, they both, arrive in town and there meet up with someone with news about the going-ons around La Rochelle. And so, they learn about rumors about a red-headed young man arriving in town in the company of an Englishman…dun dun dun :eyes:

Track 5, scene 4
They’re back on the streets of La Rochelle doing shopping and procuring supplies for Gloria. Jeoffrey, being real weak to Kaito’s demands allows him to buy something for himself and Kaito immediately goes for soap! :joy: :soap: Good choice lad! Would have been my own as well! Seems like Nigel is a stickler as to “unnecessary” expense, so it’s all going to be a secret! XD

Well, they get back to the inn and Kaito can finally get as clean as he wants to in a proper bath. Jeoffrey is not shy to make use of the situation, getting clean himself (with Kaito not being able to stop looking :flushed: A more serious subject arise though, about what would happen if Jeoffrey died (his body has several scars). Kaito brings it up, but Jeoffrey has clearly already thought about it and how Nigel would be the able to take care of Kaito if anything did happen to him. Kaito realize that Jeoffrey fully relies on Nigel, as his closest partner. Compared to his own fighting with Kazuya, Kaito’s overwhelmed with sadness about not being able to reconciliate. Jeoffrey does a good job trying to comfort Kaito - though some of his methods might be questioned by some. XD But, for now, Kaito doesn’t seem to mind it much.

I’m giving the karami so far 2/10 so far. It’s not great and I suspect that this might have been the first time/series/production Suwabe had to do anything of the sort. I know for a fact (from interviews and free talks) that he had no experience of doing this with a female counterpart before doing karami for BLCDs. And, it’s quite confusing I think to know how and what to do. I wished there was more than what be get here, but, I guess it suffices to convey the scene. :woman_shrugging: it’s just very dry in execution and feels. The bare necessities really. ^^’