Flesh & Blood ~ Drama CD 3 Dissussion Thread ⛵ 🎧

Welcome to the Flesh & Blood BLCD 3 ~ Discussion thread :headphones:

Kaito Togo: Jun Fukuyama
Jeoffrey Rockford: Junichi Suwabe
Nigel Graham: Katsuyuki Konishi
Vincente de Santillana: Tooru Ookawa
Kazuya Norisaki: Daisuke Kishio
Rufus Berett: Masami Iwasaki
Ewan: Kouichi Kuriyama
Hugh: Ryou Sugisaki
Marcy: Kenichi Mine
Christopher “Kit” Marlowe: Shinichiro Miki
Leonard Barreta: Kouki Miyata
Cyril: Motoki Takagi
Francis Drake Kenyuu Horiuchi
Philip II Jouji Nakata

Content warning: 18+
This is an 18+ series aimed at adults, so be advised that this series might not be suitable for all listeners. It’s also a BL (Boy’s Love) series.

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Listening schedule

Track Scene Time week
1 Prologue 2:18 1 22nd April - 28th April
2 Scene 1 9:33 1 22nd April - 28th April
3 Scene 2 17:16 2 29th April - 6th May
4 Scene 3 9:33 3 7th May - 12th May
5 Scene 4 7:42 3 7th May - 12th May
6 Scene 5 6:41 3 7th May - 12th May
7 Scene 6 18:29 4 13th May - 19th May
8 Epilogue 5:42 4 13th May - 19th May
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Let me know if you want any changes to the listening schedule! :durtle_hello:

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I hope everyone’s got their earbuds and headphones at the ready, because next week we’re digging into this drama CD! ^>^


I’m looking forward to it! And we’ll have our first special talk CD after that. :eyes: I’m both excited and nervous for it!


We’ll make our way through it together! :+1:

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Week 1 done~ As usual I’m going to try to listen to each week’s tracks multiple times, both with and without the script. This first time was without a script. I was surprised in track 2 when Nigel gets to (very briefly) narrate his thoughts; poor guys doesn’t get a chance to this early in the books, at least, so it was a welcome surprise.

Grammar (?) question for you all in track 1: around 25 seconds in, Kaito’s going over a bit of catchup for the listeners: we sailed through a storm, La Rochelle, Vincent, etc., and then gets to the part where he says that Geoffrey’s having him train with a sword. There’s just a small part I wasn’t sure was doing there:

[00:41.93]ジェフリーもジェフリーだ。 痛いから嫌だって言ってるのに、毎日、剣の稽古ばかりして……。

It kind of reads like a non-sequitur to me here:

“Just a bit before now, I was a regular high-schooler, one with no ship experience.”
“But Geoffrey is Geoffrey. (?) Even if I tell him I’m tired of it, I have to practice with the sword every day…”

What am I missing here?


I’d actually put a bit more into that sentence: “… so it should be obvious that I’m not used to ships at all.

Maybe with this it makes a bit more sense to you that he continues with “But Geoffrey being Geoffrey, he makes me …”
i.e. despite Kaito having no experience and despite the fact that this should be obvious (to Kaito at least), Geoffrey is of such a nature that he ignores this and just pushes on.
Also we have “も” and not simply は which stresses the contrast between Geoffrey’s nature and Kaito’s condition, i.e. despite Kaito being just a high-schooler, Geoffrey makes him… (I had a hard time injecting this into the English sentence so I figured I’d just add it here :sweat_smile:)

Does this make the passage a bit clearer?


That does! I didn’t see that aspect of も; it’s not slotting in nicely with what my brain wants to attribute to も’s contribution to that sentence, so I need to refresh myself, I guess. I feel like there should be a けど or something in there; that だ just feels so abrupt to me.

Thanks for the nice long explanation; it’s all very clear!


Track 1 - Prologue
Kaito is getting a hard lesson in life onboard as Nigel is trying to whip him into shape by teaching him how to handle a sword. :crossed_swords: We get a bit of recap as well! ^>^

Track 2 - Scene 1
Nigel is a harsh teacher and Kaito has very little patience for swinging around a sword = a recipe for conflict. Kaito puts his foot in his mouth for real when he calls Nigel a sadist. :joy: As funny as that is, insulting your superior on a ship, is a serious offense and punishment is a given. :eyes: Jeoffrey has to ensure order is upheld onboard and Kaito won’t get an exception here. Thankfully, the punishment finally decided on is less severe than initially suggested. (it sounded a bit like a keelhauling :sweat_smile: ) and it’s also interrupted by Ewan spotting an enemy ship on the horizon. *dun dun dun

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I’m behind, but my goal is to catch up this weekend. :muscle: (i.e. finish the CD) I’m excited to start the first free talk CD; I wonder how hard it will be to understand for me. :eyes:


Me too! Thanks to your post I found my comment-in-the-making in this thread and where I was at in the audiotrack! XD thanks! I’ll get back to you! <3

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Okay, tracks 4, 5, and 6 done. Can you believe, I somehow managed to completely forget about the attack on Cadiz. :sweat_smile: In my mind it went “capture that Spanish captain” → “Vicente attacks again”. Granted, they spent very little time on Cadiz here; from what I caught I think we spent more time on Blackie than Cadiz, haha. (As we should.) I’m curious about the cat sounds they had here; were they pre-recorded cat meows? Did they bring a live cat on set? Is Blackie some kind of inanimate object they got to squeak repeatedly? :eyes: These are the deep mysteries we must ponder.

Also interesting how they skipped Kaito’s fear of heights. I suppose in the grand scheme of things it’s not really all that important, though it’s a nice character trait.

Now on to 18 1/2 minutes of pure Nigel and Vicente bliss. :heart_eyes:


And done~ wow, that 18 1/2 minutes flew by. Most of the way through I was sitting and thinking, “man, @ekg must’ve made a typo. This track is only 8 minutes, right?” Nope.

Anyway, as excited as I was to have Nigel monologuing, I was only able to catch parts. :sweat_smile: More than I thought I would, though! I did think it was hilarious that Blackie’s “purring” sounded like he was growling at Nigel, haha. I imagine it’s pretty difficult to get a car purr to sound right.

Vicente got like a minute of audio time and that was it. :cry: He shuffled in so Nigel could fly, I suppose.

I’m pretty sure they changed what drink Kaito washed Nigel’s wounds with there in the end, right? I seem to recall Kaito used beer in the book (since ekg mentioned how that wouldn’t work well as a disinfectant), but here he used wine! Am I remembering wrong?

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Track 3 - scene 2

Well, I ended up continuing on with next week’s listening since the first 2 tracks build up to scene 2. :slight_smile:

We’re getting another sea battle. This one is over quite quickly since the crew is Portuguese, but with a Spanish captain, and the crew is less than interested in putting up a hard fight. Thus, Gloria makes a big haul. :money_mouth_face:

Kaito is musing about the fact that Jeoffrey’s name isn’t mentioned in history books as Drake’s right hand man and he’s worried it’s because he perhaps died at sea, perhaps in a fight just like the one they just had. Still, the next battle was listed in the history books and so he’s feeling secure in that knowledge of the raid on Cadiz’s success.

Kaito blunders when he’s sticking around on deck when Jeoffrey returns with the enemy captain who surrendered. The captain immediately notice Kaito’s strange appearance…Kaito ends up trying to do his best to right his mistake by being extra hospitable, which turns out to be a good thing as the enemy captain relax and get loose lipped. And more than anything, that means Jeoffrey is very pleased with his performance which Kaito takes extra happiness in clearly. :slight_smile:

Inevitably, when Kaito is sent to serve food to their captain prisoner, the captain actually remembers where he’s heard about people like that: Japan. Now Kaito’s unique identity is known by an outsider. The sly captain also tries to make Kaito change sides to free him. But, the most interesting part is when the captain explains who found Japan, demonstrating that this history is different from the one Kaito knows…something is definitely off! Not Portugal but Spain arrived first to Japan! And the Jesuits were the first to spread Christianity, not the Fransiscans. This is a huge problem if Kaito turns out to have been lying about his predictions of the future!

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I think it gets easier and easier the more you listen and suddenly you’re just suddenly at the end of the track! ^>^ I’m doing my part in catching up now! :triumph:

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Track 4, scene 3

Well, the raid soon to be underway. But before things get started, Kaito gets called on by Drake to do some predictions for their benefit. Kaito makes sure to share some tips to ensure their success. Gloria is ordered to make their preparations of explosives to put the merchant fleet on fire, though also Santa Cruz’s flag ship is in port and so one of the ships to be set on fire! :fire:

Kaito also lies about the possibility of an assassination attempt on Drake, which didn’t happen in history. :eyes:

It turns out, that maybe just because Kaito mentioned that possibility, that it actually happened! Kaito is quick to act though, making sure he gets to follow Jeoffrey along to the Butterfly, to possibly tend to Drake’s wounds…

Track 5, Scene 4

We, basically skip the part where Kaito is panicky and unable to make the climb onboard Drake’s ship, compared to the books. :eyes: I guess, it helps hammer home the urgency of the situation and to not drag things out. There is a reason for doing this as the story moves along, but it’s one part where the storytelling is changed by the adaption clearly.

Turns out, Drake was not shot in the attack, but rather his navigator ended up being killed! Kaito’s distraught by the events, even as Drake and Jeoffrey is pleased by his performance. Kaito knows that even his lies seem to have an impact here, and he’s already worried about the possibility that hisotry here is different from what he knows - it’s just a matter of time before he’s found out, surely? But, Drake and Jeoffrey don’t wanna hear it. They’re more than pleased after all.

In the end, Blackie is introduced into the story. As the saying goes: any great story involves a cat! (well, it should be a saying! :triumph: :cat: And this one is a gift from Drake to Kaito, for his warnings about the assassination attempt.

I do love that final scene of Blackie meeting Nigel! :joy: It’s just hilarious, with Kaito dismissing Nigel’s superstitions and explaining away his allergy symptoms. XD


Yeah, so I also thought about this. But I think it’s a storytelling device here, intentionally left out. Because, this character trait IS explored, just not here. :eyes: So, it’s a way to channel what to focus on in that scene. It’s just harder to handle too diverse stuff going on - maybe? - when in an audio media, and as it disrupts the flow of a scene. Here the focus is on getting to Drake as quickly as possible! Enough going on. The aspect of Kaito’s fear of heights is then given it’s own time and place, when it’s given full focus. :eyes:

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Noises like this is the purview of the foley artist. Sometimes, depending on the type of animal sounds wanted, they do make use of voice actors in those roles. But, this doesn’t sound like it. It’s likely just a cat that’s been recorded and edited onto the sound track like they do with the other sounds. :slight_smile:

Example of voice actor doggo! XD

Lol, that it took me several seconds before I realized that the ending preview, after Menchi’s doggo song, was in English! :rofl:

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Track 6-8, Scene 5 & 6 + the Epilogue

Track 6 is interesting, since Kaito reflects on the possibility that what he says about the future, might end up changing it to detrimental effects. Like the assassination attempt on Drake. He’ll have to be very careful about what sort of predictions he’ll do going forward. :eyes:

A new sea battle is fast approaching as well. And it’s Vincente’s ship Santalliana that’s going after them - to take Kaito back! Kaito is to hide in the bowl of the ship this time, together with Blackie. :black_cat:

Nigel appears to give Kaito new orders, to hide in the stinky bilge. In case Vincente boards the ship, and search it, it’s imperative Kaito is not found no matter what.

track 7 is a direct continuation of track 6.
I love how real it this scene feel. The sound use is just amazing. :astonished: The echoing of their whispering. Kaito clearly being scared. Nigel trying his best to be reassuring in this situation.And then we get a real heart to heart as Nigel tells Kaito about himself and his family.

Well, the moment is broken when indeed the enemy boards Gloria. Kaito is handed Nigel’s shortsword for self protection and forced into the bilge. :nauseated_face: Well, harsh fighting makes it necessary for sure. I can only imagine how claustrophobic it must have been to be shut away, listening to Nigel and Vincente fighting! And the cries of people being hurt. :cry: At the last moment, Drake appears with the rest of the fleet, forcing Vincente to flee or be sunk. Nigel gets away with a simple wound, which Kaito douse with wine :wine_glass: (Kid’s don’t ever do this at home, it will make things worse, since wine has way too little alcohol in it and also yeast and sugars. )

There’s another moment of between Kaito and Nigel afterward, as Kaito succumbs to his emotions from worrying and the tense situation.

Is again a continuation of the scene, where the CD finishes on a lighthearted note. ^>^ Jeoffrey, reflects on Kaito’s character and his devotion to the crew, as well as noting how Nigel seems to have been won over by Kaito’s charms. But in the end, Kaito ends up in Jeoffrey’s bed, where he can finally rest while jeoffrey takes advantage of the situation and sneaks in a kiss as Kaito doze off.

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Maybe. You can’t use wine either. XD

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