Fixed limit of lessos per-day?

I’m trying to strictly follow “10 lessons per day” (to avoid getting overwhelmed with reviews; it doesn’t matter if the lessons are with radicals, kanji or vocabulary - “ten means ten”; Maybe in the future I’ll increase it but current pace is just nice and I’m not in any hurry). Currently I try to manage it in my head - I get up in the morning, do all reviews and then do 10 new lessons (and then reviews occasionaly throughout the day) but sometimes I can’t do session in the morning or I get wound up in something and I’m not sure if I’ve done lessons that day or not). Obviously I can mark it in calendar but it would be tremendously useful if I could not think about it and just let WK (or some userscript) manage that for me.

I found [Userscript] WaniKani Lesson Cap but it’s a little bit more complicated that I need.

(while writing this post I also found [Userscript] Wanikani Heatmap which could help to some degree)

Any other options?

Nope, I think Heatmap is the way to go.


You could just tell yourself you will only do lessons at a certain time of day. For instance I only do lessons between 7 and 8am, so I can do the first review at 11am, when I generally have time to do them, and do the next review in the evening. I know I can let reviews pile up between those times (unless I get some wrong at 11, I need to review those at 15, so I can get all of them up to appr3 by midnight).

If you only do lessons at one time of the day, then even if you want to do lessons later, too bad, you missed your window. No double lesson sessions.

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