First Kanji Quiz, all vowels are hiragana

I’m on the quiz for my first Kanji lesson, however I am unable to type vowels as they are automatically converted to hiragana. Consonants are fine, but vowels are automatically converted to hiragana, and even when I type the answer elsewhere and paste them they are converted to hiragana. I thought maybe it was looking for the kun’yomi or on’yomi but this is not the case, meaning I cannot complete the quiz and progress with my studies.
I tried it on the phone app, and it worked for a while, even on kanji like mountain which I had trouble with on the normal browser from my laptop but even it eventually started replacing romaji vowels with hiragana.

I don’t really understand - why do you not want it in hiragana?

It is asking for the reading, so the answer needs to be in hiragana.

Every item will come up twice, once for the meaning and once for the reading. The answer for the reading is automatically converted to hiragana, whereas the meaning remains in English.

(the consonants aren’t converted because you haven’t followed them with a vowel, so they don’t translate to a Japanese character)

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What are you trying to enter as the answer?

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As Radish is saying, this is intentional. The kanji reading requires you to answer in hiragana. Here for 二 the answer would be に. You can type this by writing “ni” on your keyboard.

Vowels are automatically turned to hiragana because all vowels are on their own hiragana. All other hiragana are a consenant and a vowel combined. So when you type multiple consonants, they aren’t converted as there is no hiragana equivalent.

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My mistake, I glossed over that part of the FAQ (actually glossed over everything past the part where it talks about what to do if you’re having trouble paying for WaniKani, and should of gone to first level issues).


You all set now?


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