Not sure how to answer for the Kanji Reading quiz

So I am just doing my first Kanji lesson and i just dont understand how to answer the questions, it says to put the kanji reading in and I believe I am but it wont work.

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Can you show us a screenshot of what you’re trying to answer and what you put in the field?

My guess is it might be something with a small character, but maybe it’s something else.


this doesnt work even though it is correct, also, are the pronunciation examples just for learning how to pronounce them NOT how to spell them?

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You are inputting the reading. It is asking for the meaning.

Also, you should not have to use the kana chart to input your answer. When asking for meaning, it expects the English meaning. When asking for reading, you can type in romaji and it will automatically convert to kana for you.

I’m not sure I understand this question. Can you clarify?

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thanks, I understand the meaning part now but when it asks for the reading i dont get that, how do i know which characters to put in? like for example seven is prononced she chea, do i not just put that in and have it automatically convert to radicals, or do i have to memorize the radicals and go through the whole library each time to get them?

See here. Basically you type in ordinary letters and Wanikani does the conversion to kana automatically. This guide will tell you which key sequences to use for the conversion to happen.

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Firstly, WaniKani has its own built-in IME, so you shouldn’t be using one when you enter answers. It’s one of the easiest ways to check whether you’re expected to give the meaning or the reading - the reading will automatically convert to hiragana.

Second, you’re not actually writing “she chea”, are you? 七 is prounounced しち, which is “shichi”. “She chea” is only given as a rough approximation of the sound in order to guide your understanding. You know what characters to put in because you were told them in the lesson.

How much Japanese have you studied before this? You do need a little bit of general Japanese knowledge before starting WaniKani.


It sounds like you haven’t learned hiragana and katakana yet. You need to learn at least hiragana before using WaniKani.


Learning hiragana doesn’t take long. Here is a tutorial.

Then to practice you could use kana bento.

thanks lots

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