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I recently found an app for my phone that tells me what Kanji are learned in what Japanese grade level (i.e. 1st grade, 2nd grade, etc.) and I thought I’d try my hand at reading a book that would be on a 1st grade reading level to start. Does anyone know of any books or other reading material that would be on the 1st grade level that I could try to tackle? Thank you.

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In the Super beginner book club we are reading a 2nd grader book… let me find the link:

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Thank you! After I get through the Grade 2 Kanji on my app, I’ll definitely take a look at this. I also found while browsing on one of the websites links to Grade 1 Books in what looks to be the same series, so this was very helpful! ありがとうございました!

I can tell you that in this book there are not that many kanjis… and most of them you already know them being at level 10.

Actually I find the lack of kanji a challenge, but it’s great for the grammar.

Yeah, a first grade book still contains a decent amount of vocab and grammar that are beyond beginner level for learners. First graders know a few thousand words already.

But I do think it’s good practice to try.


I really like this series for 小学生

I’ve been reading this books interchangely with the last volumes of a few graded readers for japanese learners series… I’m tackling the 4th year book now, mixed with the last volume of my graded readers (Level 4) seems like a fair mix of easy and continuous reading time and more challenging and intensive reading (AKA: “I better have my dictionary at hand” time).

Indeed grammar it’s a fair mix ranging from N5-N1 (but you can review on the spot … just as you would with any new word)… and I would say 3000 words are a safe place to start with the first book :+1: Totally worth reading!!

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Just gonna awkwardly quote myself to give you the links… :eyes:


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