Books for Joyo levels

Anyone have a list of Japanese books that only contain Kanji from specified Joyo levels? I remember when I was in school that we had books that were labelled by grade level so it was easy to pick up something that you would understand.

For example, WK has me nearing the end of Joyo G1, is there a list of books that I should be able to read (yay picture books!)?


There are graded reader options, the 10分で読めるお話 series is good.カタカナ&url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=10分で読めるお話&rh=n%3A465392%2Ck%3A10分で読めるお話

edit: hmm… the link doesn’t seem to be working, so just pop 10分で読めるお話 into the search box at and you’ll see them.

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Hmm, anyway to order those through

The title is translated as “A story that can be read in 10 minutes”, they’re available on if anyone’s looking.

If you try it, please let us know how they are! (I just spent too much money on language materials, so I can’t buy anymore for a while :confused:)

Will do, I ordered like 4 of them.

I recently bought ことばのふしぎなぜ?どうして? ( link) It says it’s for first and second year students, but the some of the writing is difficult for me. I understand the kanji just fine, but some of the grammar, like conditionals, is difficult for me. But the book is kind of cool because it talks about where Japanese words come from and there are cute pictures. It’s not a manga, but it has lots of illustrations and dynamic word design stuff.

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Price aside I’ve mostly positive remarks on the graded readers from white rabbit press. IIRC they come as an ipad ebook or print with audio cd.

amazon japan ships them outside japan no problem!

But then I need to create an account >.>

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It’s easy though, they will accept your non-Japanese credit card and you don’t need a Japan address. There is also a way to display the checkout in English, it should be somewhere on the top or bottom of the site, to switch menus and checkout to English.

edit: I’m not trying to force this on you, but sometimes it ends up being cheaper to buy from amazon jp directly

Yah, I’m just dragging my feet :stuck_out_tongue:

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