Finally returning to WK after 100 days :)

Hi everyone,

I officially started my WK journey over 200 days ago and I was doing it consistently every day. Around 3 months ago, I was very depressed and lost all motivation to study kanji. Now I’m back and, despite the 1500 reviews I have to do, I still remember most things I learned! I’m only on level 13 but after getting through this stack of reviews (I’ve already completed 500 today since I woke up early) and making sure they’re not constantly in the high hundreds, I’m so excited to start learning again.


Welcome back! I’m excited for you! :relaxed:

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welcome back ^^

sometimes life just falls apart around us (because of e.g. depression). one wins by coming out the other side and picking up the pieces and re-building one’s life. i’m glad to see you doing so!

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