Finally lvl 12 yay!

Congrats on your progress and perseverance thus far!

I feel exactly the same sense of accomplishment you do when going from an almost overwhelming amount of new kanji when leveling up to near-instant recall of those same kanji just a few days later.

Like you, I also started and later restarted, but I only reached level three and stopped for almost two years. Just before New Years I bought a lifetime subscription and am already on level 8, a pace I’m very happy with. Hang in there, and we’ll both be on level 60 before we know it :slight_smile:


Nice! Congrats! I aspire to get to that level too!

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Your comment is so nice!
And yeah, I know how you feel when it comes to having no friends. I’m sort of a lone wolf too, I just wanted to make it sound ‘‘better’’ by adding ‘’…who study Japanese or even know about Wanikani.‘’ I’m just really happy that this community exists, it cheers me up a lot and I’m sure that many other people feel that way too.
You’re already on lvl 19, so keep up with the good work, you can do it! Yay!


One big tip…don’t fall in love…it seriously kills your speed :stuck_out_tongue:

Apparently, I’ve already read and liked your post. It kind of seems familiar, but wow, it also feels like I’m happy for you all over again for the first time. I want to be lvl 12 too! :slight_smile:

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I’m sure that you’ll get there soon! :slight_smile:

I wonder what it is about level 11? I did the free levels in September then picked up again in December on the lifetime membership sale. Moving along nicely til level 11 then seriously slowed down for a month!

For me I had my level 1-3 burns coming round at that point which hiked up the reviews.

Anyway glad I pushed on. Somewhere around level 12 you suddenly get a bit of a breakthrough in the reading. I can now go on sites like NHK News Easy and feel like I recognise a reasonable amount of the kanji/vocab. Which is very rewarding!

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Haha, maybe it has something to with the fact that it’s the first level of ‘‘Painful’’! :joy:
But yeah, it’s great to hear that you had a breakthrough in reading! Keep on going!

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