Finally levelled up after almost 3 years

Just want to express relief, exhaustion and yes, elation at finally levelling up to 34. Got to 33 almost 3 years ago but then fell into a lull since I’m not in Japan, why am I actually doing this etc etc. But I decided to jump back in about 6 months ago at a guess, 2000+ reviews not so easy, did it with SRS because constantly pausing was not helping. Thinking I might keep on with the current review list in a leisurely fashion for maybe a week or so … or a couple of days at least… until I catch my breath and then… level 34, here I come!

Small update. Lasted a little less than 1 day before diving into the next lot of lessons…


Nice, congrats!


Great job! I recently reset since it’s been so long since I’ve studied. You were much farther out than I was but I’m glad you’re back on track and I know you can stick with it!




Woohooooo :star_struck: :partying_face: :sparkles: well done for getting back on the horse!

Somewhat similarly, I just spent almost 400 days on level 9, and levelled up to 10 yesterday! Right there with you on the relief/exhaustion/elation :hugs:


Congratulations, that is incredible! I admire your restraint from resetting!! I’ve done it twice now


I could never reset - just couldn’t bring myself to. Not sure if this way was better but anyway well done yourself on keeping going, reset or not!

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Fantastic! Sooo good. Well done to you also. Don’t know about you, but I feel like the prodigal son (daughter)… lots of people seem to power on forwards from day one and finish in just over a year, and I’m sure that feels amazing. But can it beat this? I really never thought I’d get back on track.

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