Finally fixed my mess of lessons and reviews

A short brake and poor lesson management is all it takes to RUIN your wanikani. My reviews where in the hundred and so where my lessons. I hadn’t done a lot of my vocab lessons for a level, mainly looking at the radical and kanji progress. I didn’t think it’d be so bad, the lesson count not being too high. I was wrong. When the next level hit, it was in the hundred. I was completely screwed. I got kinda discouraged and my reviews started to slip. In an attempt to push through I did a lot of lessons at once. This was a horrible idea. My already sketchy review pile got flooded, and I failed to keep up. After a short brake the lessons weren’t much lower and the reviews where even higher. I ended up taking a short brake…

And then I came back! I tried to dig through it, doing 50 a day (because it was daunting and exhausting having forgot most of them). I would slowly make it a little smaller, have it get destroyed again but failing to do it for a few days. This went on for a while. I eventually had enough and burnt through them all, clearing what ever came back for a few days. This was painful, but my review pile was finally better. I’d slowly start working through lessons again, making sure to keep the review pile empty. Slowly the backup of review items spread out and burnt away.

At this point, I discovered scripts.

I got every review I thought would help me (fairly at least). I now knew when I’d get reviews, more about the progress of each item, the reviews went by faster, I could override mistakes that I just typed wrong, lessons where more helpful. Having all these things not only made it faster, easier and nicer to use, but it made it more fun. I started checking multiple times a day like when I started, and was burning through the lesson pile. I eventually got to the next level, and wasn’t swamped at all. No, half way through the current level I’ve got lessons at 0 and reviews at 0. I make sure I only get what I can manage, having an expected daily review items of around 100 (really helpful script once you learn your reasonable limit:

I feel so good now. I’m finally on top of it all again, and it feels good. I’ve put in the work to fix what I messed up, and got scripts to make learning better. I’m learning faster and easier now than I was before and I feel great with each progression.

So that was a long, probably over written story of my experience… any of you had a similar one?


Good to hear that you make it back safely! WK is not only about learning kanji, but about learning to learn kanji, so it is good from learning from your mistakes and fix the real issues like problematic learning habits instead of thinking that you are “just bad at remembering stuff” or something.

For people in the same situation I would advice that resetting the levels is not admitting defeat, but rather starting on a less cluttered playing field again. Below level 10 you will be back at your old level in no time with even more insights how to use WK effectively. Once reviews pile up they will lump together, and if you just power through them you will prepare the future 200+ reviews sessions you want to avoid.

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Well done! I’m glad you got some use out of my script, I made it when I was in the same situation, haha. I had some 2000 reviews and 250 lessons pending. Took me a month to complete but it feels good to be back. You did right in not trying to hard, I think. If you try to get through a backlog too quickly you’ll just end up giving up. Anyway, welcome back!


Nice. Congrats on fixing things!! You encouraged me to fix my mess as well!!! Thanks. I sat down for 3 hours straight tonight and whittled my reviews down from 1027 to 257 so that feels good after letting it sit for so long.


I understand having a high review count is daunting, but why is having a high number of available lessons a problem?
Yes, in theory you are done with all of WaniKani faster when you do all lessons as soon as possible, but in practice you should only do as many lessons you should feel comfortable doing reviews for later.
So it is better doing all reviews first, and only when you don’t have a big pile of reviews every day you should add more lessons.

These 0/0 challenges give the wrong impression that there is a problem when you have lessons available.
This is not an actual problem (unless you want to speed learn in WaniKani).

I personally do only 5 lessons a day when it is something with readings (Kanji, vocab); maybe 10 or 15 when it is only radicals (since you don’t have a reading to learn).

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It was the feeling of not making progress. I get now that it’ll go slower overall if you force yourself to do lessons you can’t handle yet, but even now I still feel like it means I’m not doing enough when I see a huge number of lessons. Reviewing things is definitely making progress but you’re not actually moving forward since it’s always going to be the same words till you add more from lessons. It probably doesn’t help that’s it’s taken way too long for me to get this far, even with me having big brakes during exams and such.

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