"Fill in the blanks" multiple choice exercises for Vocabulary practice

I really want to practice the words in context! It would be so cool to have vocabulary exercises like “choose the corresponding word for this sentence and fill in the blank” built in or even as en extra service.
It would make it much soo much easier to learn how to use the vocab properly + it makes so much sense as an extra exercise
Also, I love WaniKani!


In that case, I recommend clozemaster. It takes lines from movies and other famous media and you can either do multiple choice or fill in the blank. I used it for French, but not Japanese. It’s aimed at upper intermediate/advanced learners. You can target specific grammar and vocab in the paid versions.

It’s not for learning kanji like WK though


Clozemaster is good one, but definitely not for beginner. You will need to be in intermediate or higher when using them. Maybe around level 25, I start using it at around level 20. Don’t know the paid ones though, as the free version cannot be customized. As for me, I used iKnow for my main tool to build the vocabulary. It’s a paid tool, but has exactly what you need. You can also sync to WK level: iKnow sorted by WK level