Few Random Questions

If I ask:

Can I also add:

And just to make it more confusing, could I instead use:
私自身、好きなのは。。。(rest of sentence)
(Also, would that ALWAYS be 私, or could you replace it with 僕 and still make sense?)

And just for one more point on a grammar topic I haven’t yet learned, って:
I had someone correct the sentence as

This would basically be saying, “on the topic of or ‘about’ Japanese rock bands, which is your favorite,” right?

If I wanted to introduce the topic of ‘Japanese rock,’ why could I not use:


I probably should study the grammar point before asking questions but I’m hasty. Lol.

Sorry if any of this is confusing, I can try explaining it better.
Also if the general grammar is incorrect in any of the sentences, I’d like corrections on those too.

Thanks in advance. :smiley:

You can append 自身 to other pronouns, not just 私.

It’s okay to say ロックバンド, btw, you don’t need to say ロックのバンド.

Everything else seems fine to me.

Resist the urge to take corrections to mean that you literally couldn’t have said the other thing. Unless you’re dealing with a trained Japanese teacher who can explain their reasoning to you, people will have all different kinds of thresholds for what they correct. Some people will not tell you that you made a mistake no matter how bad your grammar was. Others will tweak the tiniest things that weren’t even unnatural, just not how they would have said it.


I know not to take corrections as the only solution, I just don’t have enough knowledge yet to know if mine is completely wrong, or just unnatural, or if there was some misinterpretation on how I wanted to the sentence to come across as, etc.

Also working with grammar points I haven’t even studied yet makes it even more difficult. Lol.
But ty.

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