February 28 2020 Content Updates

Hey everyone! Here’s a list of the most recent updates to WK content! :v:


city - updated name mnemonic

yellow - updated name mnemonic


診 - updated meaning & reading mnemonics

答 - changed reading mnemonic from “coat” to “quarter”

虫 - added “incest” to blacklist

統 - added “untie” to blacklist

聞 - added “ear” to blacklist

掛 - added けい and かい as onyomi

車 - added 軍 as a visually similar kanji


本当 - added ‘true’ to meanings

元気 - added ‘healthy’ and ‘energetic’ to meanings and moved ‘spirit’ to whitelist. Updated meaning mnemonic

着ける - changed meaning mnemonic to better differentiate from 着る, and changed “to pull up” from visible meaning to whitelist

債券 - updated the meaning mnemonic and added two new context sentences

年中 - added “mid-year” to blacklist

実験 - added “experience” to blacklist

試験 - added “experience” to blacklist

当たる - added “to be correct” to whitelist

一千 - added “1 thousand” to whitelist

交通 - added “transit” as a meaning and updated meaning mnemonic and context sentences

落ちる - added “to calm down” to blacklist

対外 - added “versus” to blacklist

~台 - added “counter for machines” to whitelist

年 - added “age” to meanings

汽笛 - updated context sentence

生 - added ‘live’ to meanings and updated context sentences

拾 - added しゅう as the onyomi
飛ばす - added ‘to skip over’ to meanings and added context sentence

若者 - whitelisted ‘youth’ for the Brits out there

林 - added ‘grove’ as a meaning

身 - updated context sentence

一打 - changed primary meaning to “one strike”, “one blow”, “one hit” and whitelisted previous meanings

地上 - added ‘surface’ (as in surface of the earth) to whitelist

怪獣 - added context sentences

秒 - added ‘unit of time’ into the meaning mnemonic to avoid confusion with ‘2nd’

不文律 - added ‘unspoken rule’ to whitelist


Does it mean that “life” will be accepted for vocab as mistypo? Is it Ok?

I didn’t see the last content update, so I’ll give you a late welcome.

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It might be is on the blacklist…

Thank goodness! And I’m in the US! Especially with WK using a bunch of ゆう = youth mnemonics…

お疲れ様でした。 d=(^o^)=b

Thank you for adding “counter for machines”! I was marked wrong for that very answer a couple days ago. May none suffer this injustice again :pray:


Welcome to the forums! I’m sure @camfugu is saying you’re welcome somewhere…

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Glad to know the site is still updated, means there should still be a few more changes by the times i get 60. By the way, might as well ask here since it’s kind of in the subject, but does WK still add kanji/vocab regularly? I’ve heard not every JLPT1 kanji are here.

No, all of N1 isn’t, but there aren’t really more being added so much. There’s always the fake levels 61-70 though. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What do you mean, whats that?

was this really needed? :sweat_smile:


Wanikani allows for close spellings (so that users don’t get marked wrong for simple English typos) and so it accepted this for “insect” :joy: It was brought to my attention so I figured, why not blacklist it? lol


I guess if someone brought it up it makes sense. I just have a hard time believing anyone would actually think it means incest, haha


Good question! No, “life” is blacklisted for this word. “Live” in this context is referring to a live event, like a “live concert” etc.


There’s a whole album dedicated to the typo slash pun


The best kind of incest


The be•t •ind of in•e•t