[Feature suggestion] Show words containing kanji

A lot of times I already know a word containing this kanji, but I don’t realize (or don’t remember) that it does. Showing a few example words would be extremely helpful in remembering the pronunciations of kanji.

I feel like it shouldn’t be a massive amount of work because you already show this information when learning the kanji. But for some reason it’s not shown in the “Item Info” dropdown during reviews.


Do you mean show WK vocabs that use the kanji during reviews, or show other words that are not covered by WK? I support both, btw.

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Wow you’re right, vocab that uses this kanji doesn’t appear to be accessible anywhere outside lessons, I’m surprised! I always use that section in lessons.


During the lessons, you can view “words that use this kanji”. I’d like to see these after a review (especially after a wrong answer), as they help me remember the pronunciation of the kanji.

I assume the hesitancy is because it’s possible to get one of those words later in the review, but that’s an easy problem to solve (check if the word - or other kanji in the word - are also up for review, and if so, hide them behind a spoiler)


Am I missing something? Why can’t you just go to the item page like that WaniKani / Kanji / 上

Not sure about vanilla, but scripts like Niai Similar Kanj, Keisei Phonetic-Semantic Composition or ConfusionGuesser – all add a fast way from review to the current item info page.

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How about turning the summary screen at the end of the review session into some sort of study tool, where you can study the items you got wrong?

I use a script for this

for words is this one

and for kanji (the best one IMO!)

without them, my acuracy would be way lower!

even in my own native language if I see a new word, I have to check in a sentence or similar word.


Unfortunately neither of these do what I’m requesting. I’m talking about adding example words to the ‘review’ dropdown that shows after getting an answer wrong, alongside the mnemonic and definition. It shows most of the things that are shown when first learning the kanji, but unfortunately does not show the example words.

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