Feature request: Warn on ambiguous reading sequences

Currently, if you type the kunyomi reading in for a kanji when on’yomi is expected or vice versa, it will just shake the screen instead of marking it wrong. I think it would be nice if WK did that for cases where you mistype an ambigious reading sequence.

For example, I constantly miss the reading on 睡眠薬 because I always just type “suiminyaku” and forget to press an extra key between the n and y to prevent them from combining. 金曜日 is another big offender. I think it would be nice if WK just shook the screen instead of marking it wrong in cases like this.

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I don’t know if this is an especially common problem for WK to add a feature for it… most people (I think) just get in the habit of typing nn when they want ん.

In any case, though, you could use the Double Check Script to fix your response if you’ve accidentally made a typo.


You should probably just get used to typing this correctly. If you rely on a checker like this rather than fixing the underlying issue you’re going to have trouble writing with an IME anyway.


Yes, and it spills over English. I find myself typing mann when I want man.


Maybe you need to learn German next then.


Nice to know I’m not the only onne!


This is the first time I’ve heard of anyone doing that. It’s certainly not something they tell beginners to do, and unfortunately, it’s a bit late to get into that habit now.

I’ve been doing it since the beginning as well, and I’ve gotten comfortable enough to unconsciously double the ‘n’ before another vowel and not at the end of a response or before a consonant.

It’s never too late. :wink: Like any habit you have to train, it’ll just suck for a while until you get good at it. :slight_smile:


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