[Feature Request] Setting to spread reviews out evenly through a specified part of the day, and not at night

From what I’m understanding here, this is less of an issue with the SRS system itself and more an issue with the psychological effect of having a review count that high?

Your best bet might be something very simple like using a script to obfuscate the number of reviews you have left at any on time. This exact situation was why @Naphthalene created the Lessons/Reviews as Catagories script. That could easily be modified to just say ‘none’ and ‘some’. Yes, that would then require restraint and for you to plan for yourself when to do the reviews, but you wouldn’t have the psychological effect of seeing a large stack on your dashboard.

That said, the solution for you might just be timing, since WK’s SRS intervals actually work quite nicely into a regular day and leave you without reviews coming in in the night. I think @jprspereira does a good job explaining how to set a schedule for yourself: