[Feature Request] Set "Wrap up" amount

It’d be great if we could set how many reviews to do at a time. I usually do them in batches of 50 or 100. Currently that means I need to watch how many I’ve done, then when I’ve done 40/90, hit the “wrap up” button. This prevents me from getting in “the zone” because I have to keep an eye on the counter.

It’d be great if I could set the wrap-up button to be 50 or 100 in the options, and just hit it at the start of the lesson.

There are currently 3 separate Tampermonkey extensions for this. Unfortunately all three extensions are broken now that “script compatibility mode” is no longer a thing.


Or simply get a modifier that you can type into how many reviews you want to do. 1-999 (or the like). Gets fairly messy otherwise, especially if you go fast and end up with 400 reviews daily.

Click on “reviews”. Come to a page, set the amount of reviews you want to do per session. Can choose option to not show up again (then can go into the settings and change it if one wants to) otherwise it will show up again when you click on the review-button the next time. Something like that. Or that you choose that directly in the reviews, i don’t know.

Better wrap up function would be nice I’d say, too late for me personally now though.


You can set a specific number of reviews with reorder omega.
I do 50 at a time and these are my settings.

Not quite the same as wrap-up but might work for you


Thanks, I just tried that and it works as a workaround. I’d still like to keep this feature request open though, as using this addon for this is like nailing a frame nail with a sledgehammer.

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