Usercript to split number of reviews

When I have a big bunch of items to review, let’s say 200 hundred.
Is there userscript that I can use that I can set the number of reviews.
For example, out of the 200 hundred previously mentioned, I would like to review them 50 by 50, is it possible?


When you get to 40, click “wrap up” and finish up the last 10. Would that not suffice?


I guess that’s it.
I’ll try it and see which one works best.
Which one would of recommend out of the two?

If you have an android, the flaming durtle app has this feature where you can set a max on the amount of reviews per session.

Thank you very much for all of your feedbacks.
I have tried and I’m enjoying very much the Wanikani Wrap-up Button Enhancement v3.04 which is a fork of the original project made by Inserio.

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