Feature request: Review stick hour!


In my learning I want to reach to simple workflow with constant speed when I every day review old things at the morning and learn 15 new things at the afternoon and evening. But currently to reach this I have to constantly play with reorder script and other scripts to review what’s next. I have to remember what item is old and skip it at eveninig, and so on.

It also hard because sometimes I oversleep and review not at morning, but at afternoon, and it means after week/month I will get those items also at afternoon, which already makes my mornings to be filled with hours, when each hour has 10-30 old reviews. To group them I have to skip a lot today for instance, and do all tomorrow, which causes mini 2day tsunami.


Could you please add option like ‘review stick hour’. For instance if I set it to 9am, then it will move all items at guru level and higher to closest 9am. ± 12 hours should not harm SRS when interval is week or more. And do this for all guru+ items constantly. Thanks!

I understand your desire for consistancy, but I am going to offer some words of caution: if you are experiencing ‘mini tsunamis’ of reviews now, please note that the overall workload will increase greatly as you progress.

My daily lessons have varied from 5 to 10 to 21 to 18 to 12 and back down to 5 looking for a sustainable workload (I’m currently doing 5 for kanji, 10 for radicals and vocab - this is the first time I’ve alternated lesson numbers between item types).

I don’t anticipate the SRS being altered as you have requested, so you may wish to consider doing fewer lessons to better handle the overall load without skipping items.

I expect there are some advantages to mixing the old with the new, just as there are to studying kanji, vocab and radicals together (interleaving).


Yeah, I understand increasing workload problem. According to my expectations some day I’ll start constantly see 15 cards for each level starting from App3 to almost Burned which should be around 105 “old” reviews every day. And it’s ok. (Some days it will be +20-25 because radicals I do at one day)

What I want to reach is to have all those 105-125 reviews groupped at the morning but review them when I have mind energy. So they won’t be spreaded during the whole day, there won’t be situation when I have only 20 reviews at morning, and 100 remaining are spreaded during whoole with 15-30 reviews each hour.

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