Per Hour Review Limit

I think this is a feature that’s overdue. This is a lot easier to manage if my reviews are spread out across the day. 43 reviews one, 35, the next and then 1, is kinda absurd. Yes, algorithm, you’re dropping those at times when I’m usually free, but it doesn’t mean that I ALWAYS want to deal with a mountain of kanji when I get home from work.

Making this more customizable would really help, especially as I’m about to resume grad school class while holding down a full time job.

Reviews always come up again a specific number of hours after the last time you studied them. They happen when you’re free becase you did them when you were free last time. If you want to spread them out more, you just have to do them more spread out. You don’t have to do them the moment they become available.


I’ve recently learned that many people mitigate the mountain of reviews by capping the number of apprenticed items they have at one time and it has helped me out tremendously. I was previously completing every lesson as soon as they were available and that would leave me with 250+ reviews per day. Just grueling. But I’ve begun capping my apprenticed items around 60 and I now have a balmy ~100 reviews per day including groups of items from my old pacing still coming back up to haunt me.

But yes, as mentioned above, the pacing is actually mostly in our own hands to control. I’m all for new WK features, but at least we can exert primary control over the timing of our reviews + the number of reviews by being mindful of when we complete lessons.


An hourly review limit is fundamentally incompatible with the SRS. You can somewhat control when you have reviews by limiting yourself on the number of lessons you do and putting more consideration into when you do the lessons in the first place. If you find yourself doing too many reviews at once, do fewer lessons and try to keep those apprentice items low.

WaniKani has an article about the SRS timings here if you’re interested, but basically the timings are meant to reintroduce something to your brain just before you forget it, which strengthens it in your memory. So that’s why there is nothing like an hourly review limit; the SRS is meant to work a certain way and there’s no way around it if you want the SRS. So like I said above and like the others have said, the best solution is probably just to limit the number of apprentice items you have at a given time.


Review can indeed probably be spread, by adding +/- 25% to SRS interval; but this is only easier for higher SRS.

For lower SRS, interval is already pretty short, so adding deviation is harder. Nonetheless, it can still be done by forcing intervals to be longer, adding extra 1 hour, 2, 3 or more, as necessary.

Nonetheless, this changes how WaniKani works. I myself am OK with having not to much review spread. Though, higher SRS is a bigger unwanted (unprepared) chunk…

tbh, a mindset that is troublesome with WaniKani, is having to clear Review in one go. It can be taxing mentally, especially when Master+ chunks suddenly come back. It can be managed with some kind of “safe” reordering, including native settings, but this is opinionated.

That would be the same as destroying the SRS system though. :eyes:

The way WK works is by giving each item its own SRS-clock. If you want your items spread out more over the day, you need to spread out when you do your reviews and your wish is granted for less items all at once. You’re in control here really.

Not to mention, no one is forcing you to do your reviews on time. You can choose to just delay doing them. :woman_shrugging: If you have many items coming back to you, do as many as you like and delay doing the rest.

it’s mostly fine, though the first 2 SRS-stages are the most sensitive to time-delay, usually, and can make items harder to memorize - giving you a harder time reviewing.

It’s kind of hard to say as some people spend a lot of time on their lessons, other less and rely on the SRS to pick up the slack.


you don’t actually have to do all the reviews at once?

if you want to do that (i.e. only do x amount of reviews at once) and maintain the tight scheduling on items in lower SRS levels, you’d want to use a script like reorder omega, and sort by ascending SRS levels. that way your apprentice items get done when they have to be done. and it probably doesn’t make a big difference for guru and higher items if they get done a bit later.

you still need to do all your reviews though, if you’ve just got too many reviews, you need to do fewer lessons.


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