Feature request - quests to apply words in practice

As per subject, I think the nice feature of WK would be an opportunity to take quests, for instance multiple choice answers, that - adjusted to the level we are - could help us to apply learned words in practice. These can be quests, but also other forms, such as filling blank spaces in the sentences with the right word/kanji. Anything that would force us to practice also appliance of words, not just the words themselves.

I really like WK, but I find myself bit challenging to apply the new words I learned in WK in real conversations. Somehow it is easy to enter them while practicing, but challenging when trying to use them real time, beyond WK app.

What do you think?


Well, I totally understand your reasoning behind this. However, this webside is basically there for you to learn how to read Kanji, and later on perhaps give you the ability to recognize/guess the readings of Kanji you don’t yet know. Basically, a Kanji learning website.

The vocab you learn on here should be reinforced with immersion, meaning, if you’re not already doing this, immerse youself in the language. Listen to a lot of stuff by consuming the media of your choice, read a lot and you will see the words you learn here in practice and how they are used. For me personally, implementing this kind of feature you’re talking about would only take up too much time I could be using on immersion. Although I guess, more pratice can’t hurt. Perhaps it would be cool as an extra feature for poeple who are interested.

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I doubt WK would do this, but it’s an interesting idea.I really wish WaniKani had their own graded readers.

WK Graded Readers divided up like this.


Grammar: N5


Grammar: N5-N4


Grammar N5-N3




Grammar: N5-N2


Grammar: N5-N1

I can’t see them doing Graded Readers, but if they did that would be super helpful.

For me I find WaniKani words randomly through Japanese twitter and practicing reading manga. Words you need more context for you could look them up on the immersion kit website.

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WaniKani is reading-focused, but chosen vocabularies may make it suitable for writing / speaking. I don’t know how to make it best that way, though. IMO, it’s not the matter of WaniKani being a Kanji learning website or not.

I think there are apps synced to WaniKani to learn to write Kanji, but not sure if it would fit the purpose of actual production well.