Feature Request: Manual levelling control (ie, give me a level up button)

I like to get all the kanji to guru, and do all the vocab lessons before moving on to the next level. This can be done today, but the problem is that I always level up when I’m ~90% done, removing the nice progress dashboard and filling my lesson pile with a bunch of stuff I’m not ready to do yet.

What I would want is that after I guru enough kanji to level up, the progress bar should turn into a “click here to level up” button, and only when I click that should the dashboard go to the next level and stuff be added to the lesson pile. Bonus points of the level button looks pretty or does a fancy animation when clicked. So sort of similar behaviour to how level 3 is before you pay for a subscription.


I actually quite like this idea! I thought you were going to ask for a button to just skip lessons, but for that completionist feeling, a button like this would be great!

In the mean time, I would suggest having a look here. With this, you can force your lesson count to 0, if you don’t want any lessons right now.


I came here to say I wouldn’t trust myself with such a button :grimacing: but this sounds like a really good idea, actually! Though I do love getting the level-up email mid-review session, so we’d still have to get an email saying we were now allowed to click the button :wink:


I love this idea! How satisfying it would be to click that button!


Exactly! Like currently it’s more like “oh wait what? Oh I levelled up lol”


But does it matter? You’re not forced to do the new level content right away, soooo… :see_no_evil:

The problem is that it could hamper speedunners like I was, who definitely had some very close calls (as in, less than a minute before its time). It feels like something better ha dled by a userscript or some opt in option.

I love that idea! Of course you can always just ignore the new lessons buuut whenever I see that there’s something new to do I find it hard to restrict myself. For some reason seeing the new lessons creates a feeling of urgency. Which, of course, is absolutely ridiculous. But still… I’d love such a button :joy:

I think it would be best as something that could be turned on and off in the options

I also think this is a really cool idea! I currently just use the reorder script to leave some kanji to the end to avoid levelling up until I’m through vocab but that’s not a perfect solution and I sometimes forget. While in reality I know that it makes no difference there would be something nice about ‘clearing’ one level before going on to the next :slight_smile:


I love this idea too! I know I’d wait till I’d finished everything off before I pressed it.

How about making it a door you open to the next level so that they can use the Resident Evil door-loading animation :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

And at each level the dashboard looks slightly different, to show some progression, like more turtles (a la the cookies in Cookie Clicker - not that I’ve ever played / been obsessed by that game before :confounded:)

Or, the Crabigator can lurk in the wallpaper background and he gets closer & more animated with every level! :thinking:

FMV cutscenes! :flushed:

A personal ‘congratulations’ video message from Ken Watanabe! :star_struck:

I took this too far.

I’ll see myself out :no_mouth: :door:


Ooh this is good stuff

Should we tag the mods? Yes no maybe so?


I like this idea. I am going very slowly now, and I’m trying to keep my apprentice lower than 100.
I do use Jakeipuu, so i can ‘custom’ choose my lessons. I do like 1-2 kanji a time to guru, and in the meanwhile I do vocab (like 5 new items, if possible, a day).

This is going very slowly, but I can’t handle more for now, this way is already pushing my depression boundaries :slight_smile:
I really don’t want to level and have 60 lessons extra waiting for me.


Yeah. I don’t have depression, but the bad feels of seeing 60+ lesson queue even if you are ahead of the pace you have set for your self are definitely real and feels like a punishment. Maybe it’s intended to make you want to push yourself, but 60 levels is a marathon, and it’s important to not burn out.

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Yes, exactly! I leveled up a day earlier than I’d expected and it was so disorienting. Wanted to go back and see which kanji were still apprentices.

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You can see that in wkstats.com though.

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This is cute and I’m kinda into the idea

they aren’t worried about doing or not doing the new lessons. They just don’t want the dashboard to change over to the new level until they are ready.

They wan to fill in all the bubbles on the level before they go on to the next


I love this idea!
This is exactly what I ve been thinking about too - that I need a way of not ending up with lots of new vocabulary that I m not ready to do yet, until i finish the level I´m on.
It gets quite unmotivating when all the lessons pile up at once, it´s like ´yaaay you made it to the next level´ and the next moment: ´not really, here are 89 lessons with vocab from the previous level´

This is a fantastic idea! it solves a lot of manual workarounds i have to do to delay leveling up!