Tracking Level 3

I just reached level three (after having my account sit more or less dormant for…5 years…), but it seems that it has stopped tracking my progress. Is that normal for the free levels? I was hoping to finish level 3 before doing the annual subscription, but now I am not sure I can “finish” this level.

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Have you guru’d all the level’s kanji? I don’t think you level up unless you pay

You can still track your progress for a specific level by clicking the “levels” button at the top of the dashboard and selecting the appropriate one. Alternatively, here’s a link to level 3.

The dashboard progress indicator is used to indicated how much work is needed to level up, so I’m assuming it just removes itself in this edge case. You should still be able to learn and review any items left up through level 3 and have probably unlocked more vocabulary by getting new kanji to guru. Have fun!

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What do you mean? What are you looking at that doesn’t seem to be tracking anymore?

My progress bar is blank.

Weird. Now it’s working!

You probably just hadn’t done the lessons?

Those bars show the percentage of current-level items that have reached Guru status, meaning 4 correct answers in a row (on both reading and meaning). Most likely, they’ve been going through the 4 Apprentice levels so far.

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