Feature request: Getting marked wrong when

It’s really frustrating when you get marked wrong for answering a question with a Reading when the question was asking for a Meaning. It would be nice if the interface recognized when the user got these mixed up and then rejected the answer without marking it wrong. I think most (all?) users would agree with this. It should be fairly easy to implement this.

Forcing the user to be extra careful about weather the question is asking for a Meaning or Reading only slows the user down and impedes learning.

Sorry if that’s difficult to understand. It was difficult to explain :confused:

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It’s not a terribly big deal since I just utilize the override script. Have you used it?

Although the difference between meaning and reading is whether the bar is black or not.

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You’re not the first and won’t be the last to complain about this. But it would be harder to make then you’d expect, because WK has a certain leeway for typos. So don’t hold your breath for this. Better to notice the visual cues that indicate what question is asked. Like alexbeldan said, the bar right above the area where you type is colour-coded white or black and for readings the input itself changes to hiragana which should be a fairly obvious clue one would guess. So just slow down a second. Wrong answers take up a lot more time then re-reading your answer for 1 more second each time.

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The only time I ever have trouble with this is when I’m rushing and not paying proper attention. Which is hardly ever. And when I do make the mistake, I just use the override script.

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Take a look at all our userscripts that many lovely people have contributed to.

Choosing the right scripts can make a huge difference in your user experience.

Others have already mentioned the “ignore” script. That one is good for those “d’oh!” moments. I’d also suggest looking at the reorder script. You can set it to always ask for reading or meaning first. Then you never even have to glance at which one it’s asking for. :slight_smile: I hope that helps.

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Thanks, that override script is exactly what I needed!


You hear sirens close by.

“This is the Police! Don’t overuse the Override script.”

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The override script if very useful and 100% reccomended for those typos but dont use it to cheat your own learning as that will only mess you up in the long run

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It used to happen to me in the first few weeks of using WK, I guess after that the brain learns to distinguish the slightly different appearance of the bar for reading and meaning :stuck_out_tongue:

When I don’t concentrate it still happens very occasionally :sweat_smile: then…override script :wink:

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