Feature Request: Catch Up Mode

I really like the feeling when I get my reviews/lessons to 0.
I also get to the point where if I start to fall behind, I will get discouraged and do fewer reviews.
Let’s say I have a queue of 100 reviews, I might do a session of 20ish reviews then stop. If my queue was 30 instead I would probably push myself to do them all just to get that feeling when you clear the queue.

That being said, I would love to have a Catch-Up mode. Similar to Vacation Mode, except it would only freeze the SRS. You would be able to slowly clear reviews and lessons without any new ones appearing.
Once you disable the mode, the SRS resumes and possibly newly unlocked lessons appear.

I currently have a queue of about 400 items in my reviews (I just had my first child and studying has been in the back burner).
I don’t really like to just use the vacation mode, because I like to be able to study every now and then, just slower. But right now, I am going much slower than the SRS and stuff piles up quickly.

Don’t get me wrong I think the speed at which reviews and lessons comes up is fine, I just have less time in my life right now.

One thing I am trying to do now is to activate Vacation Mode whenever I am done with a session and deactivate it at the start of another session.
If that’s the way to go to achieve my goal, then so be it.


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