Catch-up Mode

Reviving this feature request. It seems like an obvious functionality.

I had a really hard work week, and got behind to 400 reviews. Today I got that down to 275, but by the end of the day, it’s back up to 350.

I don’t want Vacation Mode. I want do the reviews that are there, without getting dozens of new reviews dropped on my head by the hour.

Catch-up Mode would be really, really great.


What would make this different from vacation mode?

As I understand it, you can’t do reviews with vacation mode active.


Ah, for real? For some reason I thought you could

I think an overall better way to actually get through large overdue review piles would be a sort reviews by ascending SRS function. That way all the low level SRS items (the items that are most likely to quickly end up back in your reviews) get focused, and the master/enlightened items get temporarily ignored.

This is what I’ve personally done using scripts whenever I’ve accumulated a lot of reviews and it’s always got me through relatively stress-free.


I remember someone saying that what they did to whittle down review piles was to turn vacation mode on right after every time you work on reviews (and turn it off right before doing reviews). Which I think sort of resets how soon the items would be put back into reviews? I haven’t tried that myself (currently hiding from a very scary 800 review pile…) but it’s what I plan on trying when I feel ready.

I wanna say vacation mode just hits pause on wherever you are in your SRS timer. I just came out of a 5-day vacation mode - right before I entered it, I was thirty minutes from a new set of reviews and then when I deactivated vacation mode, sure enough, thirty minutes later I had that next set pop up. I think the tactic you’re talking about is a good one to use in this instance, deactivating just for a short session and then reactivating. But it doesn’t reset anything about the SRS timer.

I would honestly recommend against trying this, since vacation mode pauses the SRS timer, which means that all of those reviews will just come back in a massive clump later, and it’ll mess with the optimal timings of the reviews so that you won’t see them soon enough, which’ll further harm your memory.

@nazan’s method above is a much, much better way to approach a review pile.

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Thank you for these ideas…

But Catch-up Mode is still the best idea I think. It’s not my idea - I read it on a post from more than a year ago that got closed. The idea has been around for a long while now.

Do you know a script I could use for this? I currently have the same problem as OP and let’s say… I’m struggling.

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You’ll probably want this one:


Omg, thank you so much for recommending me this script. I had about 400 reviews this morning and without that script this task would have been tedious. With it on though, I managed to do them all today, it is magic. I have 70 reviews left and I feel like I will do them with ease this evening. I can finally start lessons again soon and make some much needed progress. Thanks so much!

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Thank you!

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