Favorite J-Dramas (comedies) of all time

Does anyone else here watch 素敵な選タクシー?

I’ve watched maybe 20-30 Japanese dramas so far, and this is by far my favorite. The premise is that the main character, Edawakare san, drives a special TAXI that allows passengers to go back to a previous moment in time for an additional fee. So, for example, if a guy breaks up with his girlfriend at dinner and then gets into Edawakare san’s taxi he can time travel back to before the dinner began and try again.

It might take an episode or two to get used to the characters and the style of humor, but it’s actually very funny. Some sorts of humor that I haven’t really seen in Japanese drama before.

The name of the series is also an interesting example of wordplay. 選択, pronounced せんたく, means to choose or make a selection, so Edawakare san’s vehicle, the 選タクシー, is a combination of 選択 and タクシー。

Anyways, I was just wondering if anyone else is a fan. If not, you can start with episode one here and then watch the remaining episodes in the sidebar. There are 10 episodes and then a 2 hour special at the end that can also be easily found online.



This certainly sounds like fun!
The only comedy J-Drama I’ve watched was マイ★ボス マイ★ヒーロー。

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I haven’t really watched any J-Dramas, sadly. But this one sounds like fun.

A quick question: is this thread devoted to discussing 素敵な選タクシー or is it about what ever favorite J-Drama people might have. I’m thinking that if you changed the thread title, that I’d add the thread the Masterlist of other media discussions. :slight_smile:

I can add it anyways, if the discussions takes off, but best to make a note about it being a general discussion then.


I went ahead and changed the threat title.

To behest, I wasn’t sure how many people had seen 素敵な選タクシー so I had no idea how popular (or in this case unpopular :sweat_smile:) this thread would be.

Since posting, I’ve already rewatched the first three episodes of 素敵な選タクシー and renewed my interest in the show. I’m looking forward to Episode 4 today as it was one of my favorites.


Time Taxi was fun…I watched it a while ago, would watch it again. I probably watch j dramas and movies more than anything else by far. Currently watching Sanctuary on Netflix, thus very good. I’ve followed some dramas of 宮藤官九郎 and I like his writing style, specifically 俺の家の話 and some of his older ones like タイガー&ドラゴン, 池袋ウエストゲートパーク…離婚しようよ was fun too. No Activity was great, The Fable, ミステリと言う勿れ, 重版出来!, Adult Highschool were funny…there are so many romantic comedies. hmm, メイちゃんの執事 was fun, 俺の可愛いはもうすぐ消費期限!? as well, 海月姫, 5→9~私に恋したイケメンすぎるお坊さん~, プロミス・シンデレラ…some old one I’ve rewatched several times 花より男子 and のだめカンタービレ are old favorites. トクボウ 警察庁特殊防犯課 was funny but find it anymore. To name a few, there are so many…


I vaguely remember having watched several episodes of 素敵な選タクシー some time ago - maybe it was available on Crunchyroll back when they featured J-Dramas in addition to anime.

Actually, I had originally signed up for Crunchyroll in order to watch J-Dramas, having had no interest whatsoever in anime - and it was only when they reduced (and then dropped entirely) their J-Drama lineup that I started watching anime. Now I typically watch an hour or two of anime every night. It’s a disease…

FWIW for a while I subscribed to DLibrary Japan (https://dlibjapan.net/), a service that mostly streamed J-Dramas - although I dropped that a year or two back.

DLibrary Japan is a sister offering to TV Japan - but it is delivered over the internet rather than via cable TV (which is the only way that you can get TV Japan).

I just saw that they are about to suspend their streaming service for a number of months, while they go through a transition to a totally new version of the service (which will include some NHK news broadcasts as well).

Here’s the notice (in English and Japanese):

Guess that I will spend some time watching free J-Dramas on Rakuten Viki…


Never heard of 素敵な選タクシー but just looking it up the main actor is good so the show has promise.

My favorite is probably 振り返れば奴がいる, it’s about two doctors who are the opposite of each other. One who really cares about his patients and another who just doesn’t seem to give a crap. It’s a bit over-dramatic at times but every episode is really tense.

Another favorite is Liar Game, I’m sure everyone here knows about this one.

Another one is マチ工場のオンナ, it’s about a girl who takes over her dad’s factory after he passes away. The acting from the main lead is great.

I’m still watching 高校教師 and it’s starting to become another favorite, it starts Scorpion from Mortal Kombat actor and it’s the first time I’ve seen him in a non-action role.

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I did enjoy the You Could’ve Gone All the Way Committee. But I am hopelessly in love with Mai Shiraishi, so my bias doesn’t speak to the quality of the show.

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Thank you for sharing this, much appreciated!
I love dramas with time travel.

This one is also helping me with my WaniKani reviews.
One item that I consistently failed was 印鑑. It just would not stick.
I don’t live in Japan, and I have zero associations with this word.
I actually failed it again just before watching Episode 04.

Then at 24:44 in Episode 04 the young man frantically says,

before opening a desk drawer, grabbing his signature stamp and holding it aloft.

Definitely not going to forget that one again.


Oh 重版出来! mentioned!
That is my favorite drama. I liked how enthusiastic protagonist is and how all mangakas had different quirks. It was different than western shows I watched because it had positive outlook on working for corporation. Maybe it was propaganda because it really motivated me back then…

As for other shows, not so long ago I watched サンクチュアリ聖域 a little bit over the top but really fun and I could learn a little bit about sumo.

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Are there a lot of J-dramas on Viki ? I’ve been told there are a lot of C-dramas (especially wuxian and xianxia), but I didn’t know about J-dramas there.

Yes, there are a number of J-dramas there - while I seem to see a lot of ‘romantic comedy’ shows, there are also crime/detective shows and mystery shows and some SciFi and fantasy shows, and some other genres as well.



Sanctuary was fantastic, really enjoyed it. If it isn’t over the top, then you don’t have a drama, haha. Just watched Hard Days (最後まで行く) movie with Junichi Okada, enjoyed it as well. Watching コウノドリ now (Dr. Storks).

I posted this in another forum, but noticed my Netflix listed on PC vs TV app are complete different (even without VPN), not sure why.

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Looks interesting, I will try to watch it this weekend. I don’t have that much time lately so I mostly watch movies but often can’t decide what to watch.

I can’t say for sure as I only watch on PC but it may be because of the difference in settings between apps (at least that what reddit claims)

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Thanks for the link :slight_smile: Funny enough, when I wrote that we a server crash and when it came back my Netflix library appears to be back to normal after weeks of not being right, go figure.