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Hi All,

I dont post here much - quick background which might help - lived in JP for 3 years, passed N2 in Year 1 (barely) and havent studied it seriously since - i started WK properly in like May of 2019 and Ive been pottering along, taking breaks where work & now my postgrad require me too.

But to be honest, Im very lazy with the language as I was in JP.

I dont read, I dont listen, I dont consume Japanese, I just use WK to improve my reading and thats about it.

So Im looking for all your motivational things that you do to consume Japanese. Be it love of a drama etc, and any resources you might have.

Any and all things shared are greatly appreciated.


アニメさん is here to help!!
I can recommend you any anime, and if you tell me what you like i can guarantee that you will like my recommendation as well!!!

wanna try it?



This might not be exactly what you’re looking for, but perhaps more exposure to the other aspects of Japanese (other than kanji/vocab) could boost your motivation!

This thread:

has a wealth of additional resources. Check it out, if you like! (:


I watched nanatsu no taizai on Netflix.

I enjoyed Naruto when I was younger, Dragonball, Baki on Netflix too.

Actiony anime - hit me up with what you got :slight_smile:

Thank you - im going to give this a serious look tomorrow.

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I read with book clubs and on my own. It’s easier to stay motivated when you’re reading with a group and on a schedule.


i got a lot care to specify a bit more? Unless you just want all of my favourite 100 action anime :eyes:
To make it easy here are some Netflix-available amazing Action anime:

Hunter x Hunter

This one’s a bit longer with over 100 episodes. It is one of the best rated Action anime out there.
Which is due to its polished alround appearance:
It has good animation, story, fighting, deus ex machina element (that is the abilities of the anime, in naruta that would be ninjutsu), plottwists, anything you name it.


I’m sure you’ve heard of this in whatever way, prob in a meme tho.
Is a tad longer than HxH but it is seperated into many smaller seasons so its not that heavy to watch.
This is Action heavy with the most badass Story ever.
If you like fight scenes that pull you off the chair while being super intriguing on the story side this is for you.

Full Metal Alchemist **Brotherhood**

Probably the anime for normies ever. Anybody will like this, it has little amount of scenes that non-weebs call cringe and at the same time is very popular with both anime fans and non-anime fans.
Also a good alrounder.


This one is of the Genre Isekai, it’s about people that go to a parallel world for whatever reason, the probably most well known represntative is Sword Art Online. Overlord is a kind of reverse take of the genre cuz the mc is not the hero but the overlord, basically the antagonist in a lot of ways. I love this anime for its cool ideas and action scenes.


Set your Netflix account language to Japanese if you haven’t already and it opens up so much more possibilities for Japanese dubs. So even if you don’t want to watch anime you can watch pretty much any of the Netflix originals in Japanese for the most part.


I would recommend great animes that has the series composition handled by Yasuko Kobayashi, such as:

  • Shingeki No Kyojin
  • JoJo No Kimyou Na Bouken
  • Claymore
  • Shakugan No Shana
  • Dororo

Her scripts in those shows is as intense as her writings in tokusatsu (e.g. TimeRanger, Ryuki, OOO, Boukenger, & MegaRanger).

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While @animexamera’s suggestions are perfect, you may not be ready to dive into 50+ episodes just yet.

I’d recommend the following:

  1. One Punch Man (Season 1)
  2. Dorohedoro
  3. Haikyuu

They were all on Netflix last I checked.

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Haikyuu is a Sports anime tho.
A great one at that.
If you like this and want more sports, i recommend diamond no ace

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I just want to say a super thanks to everyone for the reccomendations. Ive added those Anime to my list and Im going to see what the book club are reading right now too.

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