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Welcome to Week 18 of Fatal Twelve!

We are reading Fatal Twelve as part of the Visual Novel Book Club! Fatal Twelve is a mystery VN with a death game premise and multiple endings.

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I felt like we got quite a lot of “this is how things work” infodumping this week, though maybe that was partly because I was going through the second half quite quickly this afternoon…

This week's spoilers

I have mixed feelings about the developments this week.

First thing I found weird is that レテ, after explaining and showing Rinka what was Diana’s 死因, he tells her that she needs to do the rest on her own (point that Rinka herself emphasizes several times)… yet レテ keeps coming back no less than three times to help - first to save Naomi, then Diana herself has to tell Rinka her 未練, then レテ appears during the black fire scene … and finally レテ comes again in cat form to make Diana’s “remaining form” feel that she is not really alone.

And talking about Diana’s “remaining form”, I personally felt this was going a bit too far to extend the drama. There’s Diana, there’s Palka, there’s the tiniest Diana-思い that レテ left in Parka so that she would still be “Diana” in some weird sense… and this small 思い is somehow strong enough to be reborn as Palka again? Erm… okay?

Not sure if the scenario writer’s idea was to make it really clear how deep Diana’s wish to be reborn was, but I think it was clear enough when we learned such wish had turned her into a quasi-goddess capable of linking timelines together. It all feels a bit unnecessary and forced to go this far.

On the other hand, I don’t dislike the main theme which seems to be that Rinka’s good-natured-ness can actually help her prevail despite the odds being overwhelmingly against her. Not the most original of ideas, for sure, but it’s developed in interesting ways that give a sense of hopefulness. Whether this is actually too naïve for real life or not is debatable, I guess.

Looking forward to the epilogue next week.